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Site to See: Better Privacy

- Mozilla Firefox's Better Privacy lets users delete Flash-based cookies.

Outsourcing Risk

- Sending IT jobs abroad can help cut costs. But it can also increase security risks, according to a recent survey of 350 IT managers.

Worth a Look: Encrypt-Stick

- Encrypt-Stick is a secure USB stick that helps professionals protect information carried on portable storage devices.

Fraud and Small Business

- As criminals target the online transactions of small and medium-sized businesses, companies are exploring security options such as standalone operating systems.

Behind the Numbers

- McAfee takes a look at cybersecurity at small and mid-sized businesses.

Quick Bytes: Secure Markets?

- Despite the economic slowdown, the global software security market is set to reach $14.5 billion in 2009—up about 8 percent from 2008, according to a recent Gartner report.

Reclaiming Reputations

- Have a bad reputation on the Web? A new service may be able to help companies and individuals reclaim their reputations.

Emphasizing App Security

- Even though the majority of network vulnerabilities occur in applications, organizations are far more likely to focus time and money on operating system security.

Behind the Numbers

- Forrester Research lists the top five areas of security product innovation.


- 640   The number, in thousands, of new fake antivirus programs propagated during the year’s third quarter, according to PandaLabs.

Site to See: RUBotted

- This free Windows program uses intelligent monitoring to detect bot-like behavior.

Firewalls, IPS Lauded

- Firewalls and intrusion prevention systems rank as worthy of a security department's scarce resources, according to Forrester Research.

Aligning Security and Company Risk

- Instead of turning to technology to solve security problems, some companies are working to improve compliance with existing policies.

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