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Site to See: VIPRE Rescue Program

- Sometimes malware can render computers nearly or completely inoperable. A VIPRE Rescue Program scan can remove rootkits and other malware and log removal events.

Personal Data Threatened

- Malicious code activity continued to grow at a record pace in 2008, primarily targeting computer users’ personal information, according to a new Symantec report.

Quick Bytes: Insecure Web

- Most Web sites have at least one significant vulnerability, according to a study by WhiteHat Security, which examined its own enterprise customers.

AV Lives

- Antivirus vendors are evolving to fight malware beyond signature detection.

Preparing for Cyber Extortion

- Much like in the real world, security experts advise victims not to give in to extortion demands.

Defense in Breadth

- According to a new report, most data breaches can be thwarted by implementing basic information security measures.

Site to See: Nikto

- Web sites and Web servers are subject to a dizzying array of attacks. It’s important to ensure that servers, software, and programs are properly configured. It’s also important to ensure that such components are properly patched. The open source Web scanning tool Nitko is known for its comprehensive battery of security tests as well as for its frequent updates. The tool can also be used on numerous types of Web servers. In a recent version of the tool, reporting capabilities were improved. Users can now generate reports in a template-driven format, letting users customize HTML reports for their particular needs.

Behind the Numbers

- Forrester Research gives the top concerns on adopting open source software.

Site to See: Nikto

- This open source Web scanning tool is known for its comprehensive battery of security tests as well as for its frequent updates.

Security Hand-Off

- Most U.S. enterprises (61 percent) are moving to adopt managed security services, according to Symantec’s Managed Security in the Enterprise report.

Quick Bytes: Dipping Budgets

- More than 70 percent of information security professionals have seen their budgets decline in the past six months, according to a survey by (ISC)2, a security industry organization.

FBI Details Cyber Sting

- The FBI has fielded full-time cyberagents in more than 60 countries worldwide to fight malware.

Outsourcing Helps PCI Woes

- Experts say small merchants could benefit from using third-party solutions to gain PCI compliance.

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