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A Site to See: SpyBye

- Web sites unknowingly harbor malware, but SpyBye can help Web masters out them.

Fighting Scareware

- Beware of the coming scareware onslaught.

Federation in the Cloud

- Tying together multiple in-the-cloud services with a single-sign-on solution can be challenging, but one company has the solution.

It's All About Risk

- To ensure that information is protected, companies must make software and system security a priority at the outset of a project.

Behind the Numbers: Enterprise Attack Sophistication by Industry


Quick Bytes: Bad Education

- About one-third of data breaches occur in the educational sector, according to a study by Madison, Wisconsin-based J. Campana & Associates, yet the industry comprises less than 1 percent of total organizations.

A Site to See: PassPub

- Many people don’t secure their wireless router with a password. That could be a reason to visit PassPub, which can automatically generate passwords specifically tailored to the security protocols of wireless routers.

New in Plaintext: Network Security Assessment

- This text helps readers sort through vulnerabilities to identify the real threats to network security.

RoboForm Enterprise

- Password manager RoboForm has released an enterprise version to help employees quickly and securely access a growing number of Web-based company applications.

Measuring True Security Risk

- When planning expenditures, IT security managers should work with other department heads to assess the company's overall risk.

Behind the Numbers: Malware Infections by Industry


Behind the Numbers: Data Security Errors by Industry


Hotel Internet Security

- Hotel Internet network security varies widely, according to a recent Cornell study. A relatively common weakness is the use of hub technology, for example, which can be hacked fairly easily. Researchers advise connecting with a virtual private network if possible and to try to use Web sites with Secure Socket Layer protection.

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