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Security in Tough Times

- Companies will need to optimize interdepartmental budget sharing, share security-related tasks, and even outsource to keep a nimble security strategy during the current recession, a new report recommends.

Hardening Flash Drives

- Flash drives, while smaller and cheaper, are becoming one more weak security link in the computer environment.

Can You See Me Now?

- Cell phones can double as portable location devices, which may be a security risk for executives.

Behind the Numbers

- The top IT concerns for business continuity planning from Forrester Research, Inc.

Security for Stalking Victims

- Discover a resource that may help employees with cyberstalking concerns.

Quick Bytes: Breaches Up

- Data breaches in the United States increased 47 percent in 2008 compared with 2007, mostly as a result of lost or stolen equipment and accidental exposure of online data, according to a new study from the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center.


- 70 That’s the percentage of the top 100 most popular Web sites that are hosting malicious content or contain a hidden redirect, according to State of Internet Security, a report by Websense that covers the last half of 2008. That figure has increased 16 percent when compared to the first half of 2007.

Credit Card Data Security Problems

- The technical requirements built into the standard for credit card data security are sound, but the oversight process is lacking, say critics.


- Everyone cares about computer security but for stalking victims, it carries special significance. The Safety Net Project provides tips and other resources to help victims use technology strategically to find safety and escape abuse.  

Creating a No-Phishing Zone

- As phishing e-mails become more targeted and harder to stop, organizations are developing new countermeasures to reduce the threat.


- 430 The percentage increase in targeted Trojan horses sent to company executives via e-mail in 2008 compared to 2007. The number of attacks jumped from about 10 per day to about 53, according to MessageLabs Intelligence: 2008 Annual Security Report, published by parent company Symantec.

Quick Bytes: AV Check?

- The antivirus (AV) functionality is either disabled or missing in about 25 percent of PCs running AV software, according to the security vendor Promisec.

Quick Bytes: Cloak of Legitimacy

- Threats coming from legitimate Web sites were up 90 percent in 2008, according to Cisco Systems.

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