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Information Security Guidelines for Banks

- The guide defines important terms used in the security guidelines and then outlines the steps companies should follow to develop and implement an information security program, such as conducting assessments of internal and external threats. It also provides methods of assessing policies and procedures.

Pinning Down Online Money Laundering

- The government report notes with some alarm the rise in popularity of online payment services that can accept funds in different ways, including cash and money orders.

Quick Bytes: Data breaches

- More than half the retailers that collect information from consumers for promotions and marketing campaigns have assigned responsibility for protecting consumer-specific data to a security-program coordinator; an even greater number have provided training to employees regarding consumer privacy and information security.

Phone forensics

- Now that cell phones have morphed into miniature computers, they contain more information than ever before. In addition to phone numbers and a record of calls made and received, phones can now contain e-mail or text messages, photos, and a host of other data that could be of value when investigating a crime.

Quick Bytes: I hear you knocking

- Automated port scans, which look for open ports that might be candidates for exploitation, are sometimes likened to a thief rattling doorknobs, looking for one that’s unlocked.

Quick Bytes: Data Breaches

- More than half the retailers that collect information from consumers for promotions and marketing campaigns have assigned responsibility for protecting consumer-specific data to a security-program coordinator


- 40 Percentage of companies that suffered a business disruption as a result of poor IT support

Phone Forensics

- Though the paper is aimed at investigators who already have some of the skills needed to do computer forensic investigations, it includes much information that will be of value to anyone who is interested in how cellular devices work and how they should be properly seized and analyzed.

Is ID Theft Rare, or Merely Well Done?

- Four widely publicized data breaches resulted in the compromise of around half a million customer names and Social Security numbers. How many of those consumers became victims of identity theft? Almost none—0.098 percent, or less than one in 1,000.

Aligning Security With Business Objectives

- The guidebook provides a five-step approach for CISOs to achieve success in their positions: assess, analyze, strategize, align, and communicate. PWC partner James Quinnild, one of the authors of the guidebook, says that the goal was to help CISOs succeed in a world that has changed dramatically from five years ago.

Has Spam Been Canned?

- Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is responsible for analyzing the act’s effectiveness and making recommendations for changes, the act has given the FTC, the Department of Justice, and Internet service providers (ISPs) the ammunition to bring dozens of actions against alleged spammers; many of these legal actions are still in progress, but many others have already resulted in settlements.

Riding the Web 2.0 Wave

- Writely is a Web 2.0 site that offers a word processing program in which multiple collaborators can be given access to particular documents, with changes tracked by time and user. Central Desktop is a collaboration tool that allows teams to work together on project management, allowing members to add documents, Web links, comments, and scheduling information. It offers a variety of communications options, including instant messaging and discussion boards.

Quick Bytes: Risky e-mail

- Half of the corporate employees surveyed have saved a work e-mail outside the company network, and almost half have used corporate systems to send jokes, pictures, and “stories of a questionable tone” to friends. Yet 92 percent of these respondents believe that their e-mail use does not pose any risk to their employers.

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