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- 10 The number in millions of cyberattacks launched against U.S. Energy Department systems daily, the former agency CIO told Forbes.

Curbing User Rights to Bolster Security

- Limiting local computer administrative rights can significantly reduce Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities.

Hershey Hits Security Sweet Spot

- New incident-tracking software helps a theme park manage all types of incidents from locating lost items to banning problem patrons.

Behind the Numbers

- Small- and medium-sized businesses rank risks to their operations.

Accountable Privacy

- A software program that prompts employees to discuss the details of their projects is designed to help a company protect personal data.

Energy Insecurities: The Downside of Being Too Smart

- The energy sector's cybervulnerabilities have become more challenging with the rise of smart technologies, but government and industry have not taken the necessary steps to address these exposures and secure America's energy infrastructure. (Online Exclusive)


- 45 The percentage of IT professionals who say the risks of cloud computing outweigh the benefits, according to a study by ISACA, a nonprofit IT governance organization.

Medical Fraud's Rising Cost

- Although still a relatively small percentage of identity theft cases, medical identity fraud is particulary expensive. Worse, it's the only kind of ID theft that could kill.

Companies Push for Digital Privacy

- Consumer advocates and businesses urge the government to strengthen electronic privacy laws and limit law enforcement access to remotely stored data.

Behind the Numbers

- Chart: Information that IT deems too risky for cloud computing.

Behind the Numbers

- Top enterprise security risks according to IT managers.


- 26 The percentage of U.K. school children who admitted to hacking into another person’s Facebook or e-mail accounts, according to a survey by Tufin Technologies. The reason most often given for the unauthorized access was for “fun and mischief.” Seventy-eight percent of respondents, however, said they felt the hacking was “wrong.”  

Stronger Healthcare Consent

- Better consumer education about the privacy of health data and research on sharing policies could help protect patient information.

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