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Legal Report

- The U.S. Supreme Court issues rulings to clarify when employees may bring retaliation claims, and a state court rules that a government agency’s monitoring of an employee was excessive.

Legal Report

- Courts rule that a company did not violate the law when it required an emplyee to undergo a psychological evaluation and that the state of Maryland may collect DNA samples from those arrested for serious offenses.  

Legal Report

- Courts rule in one case that a person cannot bring a class action suit against a company that inaccurately reported negative findings in a background check, and in another that employees may pursue a lawsuit against their employer to be compensated for time spent in security screening.

Legal Report

- A company’s drug and alcohol screening program passes judicial muster, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that police need a warrant to use drug dogs, and legislators consider bills on courthouse security, school safety, and fraud.

Legal Report

- California appeals court rules that an employee may be legally fired for failing to cooperate with an internal investigation. Lawmakers consider bills on embassy security and chemical facilities.

Legal Report

- The courts hand down opinions on background screening, retaliation, trade secrets, and wrongful discharge while lawmakers consider gun control legislation.  

Legal Report

- Read about legal decisions on investigations, drug dogs, and workplace privacy.

Legal Report

- A review of the legislation approved by the 112th Congress, as well as measures that did not pass this session.

Legal Report

- Courts issue decisions on hostile work environments and whistleblowers. Lawmakers consider bills on economic espionage and transportation.

Employment Discrimination

- A bill that would specifically outlaw discrimination based on the wearing of religious clothing or hairstyles has been approved by the California Assembly and is now pending in the California Senate.

Workplace Bullying

- A bill (S.B. 4289) that would provide workers with a civil course of action if they are subjected to an abusive work environment is under consideration in the New York Senate.

Social Media

- A bill (H.B. 308) currently pending in the Delaware House of Representatives after being approved by the House Telecommunication, Internet, and Technology Committee would prohibit employers from requesting passwords to social media sites as a condition of employment.

School Safety

- A bill (H.R. 5690) introduced by Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) would provide grants to public elementary and secondary schools to train nurses on biological and chemical events. Under the bill, nurses would be trained to serve as first responders and crisis managers in the event that their school was hit by a biological or chemical attack or an outbreak of pandemic flu.

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