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U.S. Banks Lose Big to Cyberthieves

- Cyberthieves have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from banks by hacking into ATM machines and electronically forging transfers, an FBI agent told Reuters yesterday.

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Bank Crime Surges in 4th Quarter 2008, but Down for Year

- The amount of bank crimes rose significantly in the last quarter of 2008 but is down overall from the past two years, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Credit Card Data Security Problems

- The technical requirements built into the standard for credit card data security are sound, but the oversight process is lacking, say critics.

United Kingdom Launches Fraud Strategy

- The British government launched its three-year National Fraud Strategy today to help stamp out rampant fraud, but one security researcher says it would protect banks more than consumers.

Smart Cards

- A new members-only organization has been created by the Smart Card Alliance to advance educational and professional development for smart card professionals. The program will also confer the Certified Smart Card Industry Professional designation on professionals who pass its examination.

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SEC Failed to Act on Whistleblower's Warnings in Madoff Case

- Harry Markopolos, an investment expert, repeatedly warned the Securities and Exchange Commission about concerns he had with Bernard Madoff's investments, but the SEC ignored the warnings for a decade, Markopolos told a congressional committee.

Whistleblower Tried for Years to Get SEC to Stop Alleged Madoff Scheme

- The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) failed to act to stop the alleged fraud of Bernard Madoff, despite repeated and detailed warnings from a whistleblower, who made that assertion as he testified today before a congressional committee.

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