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Down and Out in Record Time

- Being down and out may be bad, but getting down and out of a high-rise in an emergency is critical—and getting staff to practice can make the difference in a real disaster. • Sidebar:  "It Does Not Pay to Delay"

Finding Your Future

- How a "future search" can help companies set the right goals and realize them.

Tips on Reaching Consensus

- Building consensus by first recognizing, then addressing, disruptive behavior.

Facing Fear of Organizational Change

- Organizational change can be frightening; management can use these four processes to help staff adapt.

Washington - Consumer Reports

- It has become more difficult for employers in Washington state to access an applicant's credit report to make hiring or promotion decisions. Under a new law (formerly S.B. 5774), employers can only obtain credit reports if the information is substantially related to the person's current or potential job - or if it is required by another law.


- In a recent decision, the North Carolina Court of Appeals found a company guilty of malicious prosecution after it investigated an employee for wrongdoing, fired him, and then reported his alleged activities to the police despite the fact that the employee's innocence could have easily been ascertained, said the court.

Sexual Discrimination

- A woman can seek a sexual discrimination claim against her employer says a federal appeals court, even though the position she sought was not filled by a male employer, but eliminated.


- A bank is not liable for an employee's injury during a bank robbery ruled a federal appeals court because it did not attempt to conceal the workplace risk from the employee.

Hostile Workplace

- Accidentally seeing pornography viewed by colleagues is not sufficient for a hostile workplace claim ruled a federal appeals court. However, the court determined the woman could pursue a claim based on the overall environment in which women were continually denigrated, called names, and placed in sexual situations.

Religious Discrimination

- An appellate court has upheld a lower court ruling in which a company that allowed an employee to keep religious material posted in her cubicle was not liable for religious discrimination.


- A third party sued Agilent Technologies when one of its employees posted threatening messages about him on Internet bulletin boards. The courts ruled that the company had no liability in that case.

Union Activity

- A federal appeals court has ruled that a casino violated National Labor Relations Board rules when it terminated an employee for theft even though the employee was guilty - she was also the sole union organizer at the site.


- An Indiana appellate court has struck down a $325,000 judgment granted to an employee who claimed his boss bullied him.

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