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Workplace Violence

- An employer was wrong to fire a violent bipolar employee, ruled a federal appeals court. Previous courts have ruled that employers need not tolerate violent behavior from any employee.

Towers of Integrity: Rebuilding Fraud Free

- As Manhattan rebuilds at the former World Trade Center site, the opportunities for fraud will be as monumental as the projects. The city is ready.

Jane's Facility Security Handbook, Second Edition

- This handbook-sized security guide will not take up too much room on your desk or bookshelf, but size, in this case, does not matter.

Screening in Southeast Asia-Pacific

- The problem of padded résumés in the Asia-Pacific region.

Testing Robotic Help for Rescue Workers

- In the not too distant future, instead of a dashing firefighter saving you from a blaze single-handedly, you may also have to thank the kin of C-3PO.

Eastern Inscrutability: Piracy on the High Seas

- The endless fight against piracy on the high seas.

One for the Books

- Protecting the iconic Strand Book Store's - 18 miles of books - in New York City.

Deterring Terrorists, Not Shoppers

- The challenge of protecting mall shoppers without scaring them off.

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