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Controlling Access System Performance

- Access control systems cannot live up to return-on-investment expectations if they are poorly managed and infrequently audited.

Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History

- This is the story of the largest and most audacious diamond thefts in history.

NYPD Releases Active Shooter Recommendations for Buildings

- The New York Police Department has released recommendations to their private sector security and counterterrorism partners on mitigating the risks associated with active-shooter incidents.

After Hostage Standoff, Discovery to Boost Physical Security at HQ

- The Maryland cable network company wants to install a high gated fence in its public garden and divide its lobby to create separate entrances for employees and visitors, according to a press report.

A Model of Security: How Andrews Air Force Base Remains Safe and Secure

- Security Management was given an exclusive tour of how the Air Force's 11th Security Forces Group protects Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington, the home of Air Force One.

Christie's Sold on the Art of Integration

- When the august auction house decided to upgrade its physical security system, it decided to integrate ten independent platforms into one central command station.

Fast Food, Easy Money

- A series of burglaries at fast food outlets reveals many security lessons, including simple ways to enhance security at these types of facilities and why franchisors may want to be more proactive in offering advice to franchises.

The Art of Integration

- When faced with upgrading physical security equipment for its headquarters and regional offices, Christie's auction house took the opportunity to integrate and centralize the system.

Arson, Texas: Anatomy of the East Texas Church Fires

- Over a six-week span earlier this year, arsonists torched 10 East Texas churches. An inside look at their rampage shows how churches can protect themselves. (Online Exclusive) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Jeff Hawkins--Violence in the Church

- Security professional Jeff Hawkins discusses the under-reported nature of crimes directed at churches nationwide, why George Tiller's murder could have been prevented, and how all houses of worship can protect themselves against crime and violence.

Public and Private Security Organizations Issue Warnings About Upcoming Koran Burning Event

- Public and private security organizations worldwide have issued security warnings in anticipation of a Koran-burning ceremony organized by a fringe evangelical preacher in Gainesville, Florida, on the ninth anniversary of 9-11.(UPDATE: Pastor agrees to cancel event.)

Surprise: No-Notice Emergency Drills Can Expose Companies to Liability

- Surprise emergency drills may seem like the best way to gauge employee readiness, but they may also lead to liability, explains SM Associate Editor Laura Spadanuta in this month's podcast.

Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Joseph Smith--Active Shooter and Force-on-Force Advancements in Simulations

- Security simulation expert Joseph L. Smith discusses how virtual simulations can help facilities and organizations cost-effectively prepare for the worst.

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