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Morning Security Brief: Patient Data of 4.5 Million Compromised, EU Privacy Safeguards, Latin American Security, and More

- The healthcare information of approximately 4.5 million patients was compromised at a network of healthcare facilities based in Tennessee. The U.S. Center for Digital Democracy has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging that a framework designed to safeguard the privacy of EU citizens is failing, and more.

Healthcare Privacy

- Patient privacy remains at risk despite federal laws to protect it. Learn more in the Fourth Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy and Data Security, a study by the Ponemon Institute that was sponsored by ID Experts.

Behind the Numbers

- Most and least effective security controls in healthcare

Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting: Combating the Real Danger from Fake Drugs

- The book explores a broad spectrum of mitigation strategies, including packaging, supply chain integrity, “on dose” and “in dose” markers, and more in a depth well beyond that of a primer.

Case Study

- New panic buttons help hospital security guards respond more quickly to violent incidents.

Morning Security Brief: Drug-Related Violence In Mexico, Bill Passed on Security Breaches, and More

- Drug cartel violence in Mexico has led to federal forces taking over security in Michoacan State; a one-sentence bill regarding security breaches at is receiving critcism from the White House; and violence erupts in Egypt on the first day of the vote on the country's new charter.

Medical Identity Theft

- Medical identity theft occurs when personal information is used by unauthorized individuals to obtain medical care, buy drugs, or submit fake billings to Medicare or insurance companies. A new survey from the Ponemon Institute and the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance looks at the scope of the problem. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Tips also provides tips on protecting your medical identity.

Morning Security Brief:'s Security Troubles, a Background Check Hearing, and More

- The government knew about security problems before its launch, a hearing on background checks, and more.

A Healthy Access Upgrade

- Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago required a new access control system to provide a secure environment for its employees, patients, and visitors.

Behind the Numbers

- Top 5 Data-Protection Practices in Healthcare

Religious Discrimination

- A federal court has ruled that an employee may pursue her religious discrimination claim against her employer. The employee argued that she could not follow company policy and receive a flu shot because it was against her religion, veganism. The court is allowing the case to proceed, ruling that the employee should be given the opportunity to prove that veganism meets the requirements of religious belief under discrimination statutes.

Morning Security Brief: Healthcare Cybersecurity, DHS Budget, Piracy, and More

- The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) has released guidelines to help healthcare organizations get a snapshot of their cyberrisk. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano testified before the House Commmittee on Appropriations Homeland Security Subcommittee about the DHS 2014 budget request. Anti-piracy efforts have had a dramatic effect, says the U.S. Coast Guard. And more.

New Surveillance Camera Installation Installed on University Campus

- The St. Louis Business Journal reports that the Washington University Medical Center recently invested $1.65 million in new surveillance cameras.

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