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Hospitals Urged to Maintain Cybersecurity After Sandy

- Healthcare intelligence officials are telling hospitals not to bypass cybersecurity protocols in a rush to get systems back online after Hurricane Sandy.

Physicians Urged to Use 'See Something, Say Something’ Approach to Disease Surveillance

- The Virginia Department of Health sent a letter to clinicians last week urging them to report suspected communicable diseases before getting laboratory confirmation.

Healthcare Security

- See an example of the Violent Incident Report devised by the security department at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Security asks employees to fill out the report each time they encounter aggressive behavior in the hospital.


- How one hospital developed an aggression-management training program for nonsecurity staff that includes ways to help staff spot early signs of trouble and accurately document incidents.

Using Twitter to Track Disease Outbreaks

- By the time public health alerts are issued and the media picks up the story, people have already been talking about an illness for weeks on social media. A new Web application, MappyHealth, uses Twitter to monitor and produce automatic reports on what people are talking about most. It's latest tool in the disease surveillance arsenal.


- An appeals court has ruled that an employee does not need to be aware of healthcare privacy laws to be guilty of violating them. The court determined that plaintiffs only needed to know that they obtained the identifiable health information of other people to be guilty of violating HIPAA.  

Hospital Violence Closes Egyptian Emergency Rooms

- Egyptian emergency room staff are refusing to work to protest lack of security at hospitals.

Facility Administrator Speaks on Bioterrorism Ward’s ‘Peacetime’ Role

- "We didn’t want to have the rooms sitting there waiting for an event that hopefully never occurs,” facility administrator Azar Kattan says.

Hospital Bioterrorism Unit Serves as a Tuberculosis Ward

- A hi-tech renovation at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center was added to the emergency room to respond to biological attacks. For now, it serves as a tuberculosis containment ward.

Researchers Say Fukushima Workers Have PTSD Symptoms

- A survey finds that most workers from the Fukushima Daiichi plant have experienced some type of psychological distress since the disaster.

Morning Security Brief: FBI Tattoo Database, West Nile Epidemic, Kaspersky Lab Discovers Gauss, and More

- The FBI biometric program is building a bigger tattoo database. State of Emergency declared for West Nile epidemic. Gauss wreaks havoc in Lebanese banks. And more.

Pennsylvania Provides Free Potassium Iodide for Residents near Nuclear Power Plants

- The Pennsylvania Department of Health is providing communities with free stockpiles of potassium iodide to prepare for radiation emergencies.

Emergency Management Exercises: From Response to Recovery

- There is no shortage of books available to help security managers deal comprehensively with creating, conducting, and evaluating emergency exercises. This is the latest to tackle this subject. And it does an excellent job of pulling together the key elements in this area.

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