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Morning Security Brief: Cybersecurity Job Market, Homeland Security Funding, Plane Spotters Help FBI, and More

- Colleges and universities are creating new programs to fill the need for cybersecurity careerists. The Las Vegas Metro area has been dropped from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's urban funding program. Plane Spotters at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport are helping government authorities. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Chemical Facility Security, DHS Software Vulnerability, FBI Nominee, E-Mail Privacy, and More

- Concerns about how well the Department of Homeland Security is handling its chemical facility security responsibilities may lead to funding cuts. A software vulnerability has put at risk personal details of DHS employees holding security clearances. Texas legislature passes strong e-mail privacy bill. And more.

Risk of Nuclear Materials Being Smuggled Through Ports Should Be Taken Seriously, Say Experts

- The sheer magnitude of materials being shipped to United States daily creates the possiblity of a nuclear device to go undetected, but there are ways to combat that threat, a panel of experts says.

Morning Brief: U.S. Weapons Systems Designs Hacked, Google Investigated, and More

- Chinese hackers breach some of the United States' most sensitive weapons systems designs, the European Commission investigates Google, and Senator John McCain makes a quiet trip to Syria to meet with rebel leaders.


- A federal appeals court has ruled that the right to carry a concealed weapon is not protected under the U.S. Constitution. The court ruled that it could not declare the act of carrying a concealed weapon as “sufficiently basic to the livelihood of the nation.”

Morning Security Brief: Obama Gives National Security Speech, Washington State Bridge Collapse, and More

- President Obama gives a national security speech addressing drones and Guantanamo Bay, a bridge collapses in Washington State, and the latest on the terror attack on a British soldier.

Morning Security Brief: Government Surveillance, Illegal Immigrant Apprehensions, Drone Attacks, and More

- EFF seeks details on secret court ruling on illegal government surveillance. A look at statistics show that what happens to illegal immigrants after they are apprehended varies widely by state. Attorney General Eric Holder gives details on Americans killed in drone strikes.

ASIS International and BICSI Sign Memorandum of Understanding

- ASIS International (ASIS) and Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to foster the growth of the security and information technology systems industries, promote public safety, and protect critical infrastructure globally.Privacy, workforce development, and federal resources among top issues to be addressed.

Morning Security Brief: Mother’s Day Shooting, Airport Security Agreement, and New Hacking Threat

- A shooting during a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans has wounded 19 people, a homeland security agreement with Abu Dhabi International Airport is drawing criticism, and Microsoft is warning of new malware that targets Facebook accounts.

DHS Official Discusses How Legal and Privacy Concerns Are Part of Cyber Protection Efforts

- Protecting U.S. federal civilian government networks and the U.S. critical infrastructure against cyberthreats requires an aggressive and proactive approach, but privacy and legal concerns must be part of the equation, says the DHS official in charge of one program involved in the effort.

Morning Security Brief: Student Visa Scrutiny Worries Educators, Immigration Reform Efforts Progress, and More

- As the government takes a closer look at student visas, some in academia worry that it may lead to an overreaction. Senators make progress on amendments to the immigration reform bill, and more.

FEMA Releases Three National Planning Frameworks to Meet National Preparedness Goal

- The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released three of five National Planning Frameworks today, each of which is designed to help the country be better prepared for any emergency.

Morning Security Brief: Counterfeit Crackdown, Twitter Security, DHS Report Card, and More

- The government has seized 10 Internet domain names that were selling counterfeit trademarked cycling equipment and apparel. Twitter warns of the potential for more high-profile news outlet Twitter account hijackings. The GAO says DHS has implemented more than 60 percent of decade's worth of recommended improvements.

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