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Morning Security Brief: Counterfeit Crackdown, Twitter Security, DHS Report Card, and More

- The government has seized 10 Internet domain names that were selling counterfeited and illegally obtained trademarked cycling equipment and apparel. Twitter warns of the potential for more high-profile news outlet Twitter account hijackings. The GAO gives DHS a mixed grade at a congressional hearing, saying 60 percent of decade's worth of recommended improvements have been implemented.

Hack of AP Twitter Account Falsely Said that the White House Had Been Attacked, Briefly Affected Stock Market

- AP Twitter Account was hacked, and the false story of an attack on White House briefly affected stocks.

What’s Wrong with Border Security?

- Efforts to secure the border need more than an influx of cash; they require clear definitions and reliable metrics.

Second Boston Marathon Bomber Apprehended Alive

- The second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, who was being sought by police, has been apprehended alive, and is in custody.

Morning Security Brief: Marathon Bombing Suspect Identified as Chechens; One Killed By Police; Other Still Sought

- The New York Times "Lede" blog reports that the Boston Marathon suspects, identified as Chechen brothers who had lived in the area about a year, led police on a chase earlier this morning during which police fatally shot one suspect; the other was reportedly still on the run as of 8 a.m.

FBI Releases Photos of Two Suspects, Asks for Public's Help Identifying Them

- FBI releases photos of two suspects and asks for public's help in identifying and locating them. They caution that they should be considered armed and dangerous.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Confirms Suspicious Letter Intended for President Stopped at Offsite Facility

- Speaking at a press conference a little after noon, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has confirmed that a suspicious letter intended for the President was stopped at an offsite facility and is undergoing further testing. Carney had no new news about the Boston bombings. He encouraged everyone to let the investigation run its course. UPDATE: UPDATE: U.S. Capitol police were questioning an individual who delivered at least two suspicious packages to Senate office buildings, Sergeant at Arms Terence Gaine said," reported New York Daily News earlier today. About 1pm, reports the New Hampshire Union Leader, U.S. Capitol Police "announced the Hart Senate Office Building has reopened after the substance found there tested negative

Morning Security Brief: Update on Boston Bombings, Suspect in Ricin Mailing, History of Pressure Cooker Bombs, and More

- Law enforcement has a suspect in mind as the sender of the alleged ricin letter to Senator Roger Wicker. No real suspects or motives have yet emerged in the Boston Marathon bombings. Pressure cookers have been favored by terrorist bomb makers for some time. DHS is questioned on adding Saudi Arabia to Trusted Traveler program.

America the Vulnerable: Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime, and Warfare

- Author Joel Brenner discusses lessons learned from his work in government intelligence positions, and asserts that government and corporations reside in a “glass house” in terms of transparency where secrecy and security are illusions.

Victory in War: Foundations of Modern Strategy, 2nd Edition

- This book offers a foundation for critical thinking by both clarifying and mystifying the concept of winning at war.

Morning Security Brief: Knives on Planes Defended, Bioterror Attacks, and U.K. Surveillance Laws

- Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, is defending the decision to allow small knives on planes. A new U.S. Department of Agriculture report says that the nation is at increased risk of bioterror attacks. Great Britain may expand its surveillance laws.

Morning Security Brief: Google and Privacy, Suspicious Activity Reports, Cybersecurity, and More

- Google gets the message on privacy, GAO examines whether states and feds are sharing information on suspicious activity, Iran steps up support for Syria, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Money Laundering, PTSD Report, and Cyber Command

- Senate Committee criticizes lax treatment of banks that violate money laundering laws; a report finds flaws with how the Army handles PTSD, and the DOD explains the Cyber Command mission.

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