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- A new report explores why terrorist groups die off and whether government intervention can help speed the process. The report also discusses how factors such as the age of the organization can affect its demise.

The End of Terror

- Terrorist groups are most likely to die off when their leaders are removed, but the timing and circumstance of the change are important factors.

Counterterrorism Perspective: Interview with Daryl Johnson

- Daryl Johnson, former terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security, is interviewed.

First-Responder Training to Change

- A new, comprehensive training program for first responders at all levels will replace a system focused on federal agencies, but concerns over testing remain.

Morning Security Brief: China's Hackers Tracked, Turkey Raids Group that Attacked U.S. Embassy, and More

- Cyberattacks on U.S. interests traced to Chinese building associated with its army; Turkey goes after members of terrorist group responsible for attack on U.S. Embassy; civilians killed in Afghanistan declined. And more.

Morning Security Brief: U.S. Embassy Security, Data Privacy, Emergency Alert System Flaw

- U.S. embassy security shortcomings discussed at congressional hearing; Facebook wins data privacy case in Germany; Emergency Alert System hacking vulnerability exposed.

FAA Close to Naming Six Drone Test Sites

- The head of the FAA’s Unmanned Systems Integration Office, Jim Williams, says the FAA is getting “very close” to naming six drone test-sites.

Fiscal Austerity for Military May Spur Innovation in Drones

- While the threat of sequestration or generally tighter budgets for the military worry many, it could also be a way to spur innovation, says one unmanned aerial vehicle expert.

How U.S. Marine Corps Base Quantico Trains for an Active Shooter

- Learn how U.S. Marine Corps Base Quantico trains for an active shooter and handles base security.

Morning Security Brief: Online Radicalization, Digital Rights Management, Hezbollah Found Guilty, and More

- The Obama Administration is establishing a new Interagency Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence; a tale of digital rights that shows how hard it is to police the Internet; Bulgaria says Hezbollah was behind deadly attack in 2010, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Drone Strikes, Racist Algorithms, and More

- U.S. drone-strike policy revealed, Harvard Professor says search algorithms are programmed to be racist, and new study says 54 countries aided CIA just after 9-11 in logistics, renditions, and interrogation of suspected al-Qaida members.

Morning Security Brief: Active Shooter Video, Tax ID Theft Avoidance, Ankara Bombing, and More

- DHS releases active shooter video. IRS posts tips to help taxpayers protect themselves from identity theft. U.S. embassy in Turkey attacked. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Brazilian Fire, WTC Site Security, Pentagon Cybersecurity, and More

- More than 230 people killed in fire at nightclub with only one exit. The NYPD may not have jurisdiction over the new World Trade Center site, despite an agreement being negotiated with the Port Authority. And more.

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