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Federal Cybersecurity Perspective: Interview with Laura Mather, Ph.D.

- An interview with Dr. Laura Mather, cofounder and chief visionary of Silver Tail Systems.

Left of the Boom

- The goal of all those engaged in the fight against improvised explosives is to find ways to detect and prevent them, which they call getting “left of the boom.”

Operation Backfire: Eleven Down, Two to Go

- The largest eco-terrorism case in U.S. history may be closing in on its final chapters.

Fusion Centers Spark Debate at DHS Anniversary Discussion

- The truthfulness of a controversial congressional investigative report looking into DHS support for fusion centers became a point of debate between a DHS lawyer and an ACLU representative during a homeland security panel discussion Wednesday.

Morning Security Brief: Homeland Security’s Secret Twitter Account, Smart Meter Privacy Issues, Black Friday, and More

- DHS has a secret twitter account. Researchers find that smart meters can be used to pick burglary targets. The Mall of America bans teenagers on Black Friday. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Petraeus Scandal, Skype Hack, and Response Time Disparities

- The media gives conflicting reports on whether Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell had access to classified information. Skype patches security hole. Ambulance response times vary widely across Los Angeles, an investigation finds.

Researcher: Empowering Civil Society is Right Approach to Disaster Recovery

- Local organizations, like churches, charities, and businesses, should lead recovery efforts rather than government after natural disasters, a researcher argues.

From the Archive: Calculating the Margin of Terror

- How likely is it that Hezbollah in Lebanon would launch suicide attacks or engage in kidnappings during an election year? Professor V.S. Subrahmanian, head of the University of Maryland’s Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, said that the right data combined with the right software can answer that question.

Morale Problems Persist at DHS

- The GAO reports average employee morale at DHS is still lower than the average morale of the federal workforce.

Security Management: Digital Edition

- Security Management is back with another all-digital edition. In addition to the usual feature articles and departments, this digital edition includes interactive charts and maps, videos, audio interviews with newsmakers, and slideshows.

Official: Dirty Bomb Detectors Were Deployed During the Olympics

- A British official says a dirty bomb attack was a real fear during the 2012 Olympics.

Morning Security Brief: Lawsuit Seeks Detention Data, Report Gives Biometric Advice, and Passengers Uncover Security Lapse

- A lawsuit seeks to force immigration officials to turn over detention data, a government report offers best practices for facial recognition, and barcodes on boarding passes could warn passengers about airport screening practices.

First Guilty Verdict in Operation Rhino

- Yesterday, a Minneapolis janitor was convicted on five terrorism-related counts for facilitating the recruitment and travel of young men to join a Somali terrorist organization

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