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Drone Lobbying Group Says the Average Person Couldn’t Hack a UAV

- As the unmanned aerial vehicle industry grows, so do concerns about their safety. A congressional hearing set for Thursday morning aims to get the facts around reports that UAVs can be easily hacked.

Morning Security Brief: Utah Airport Security Breach, Apologies from HSBC and G4S, Fraudulently Acquired IDs, & More

- A security breach at a small Utah airport raises security concerns. HSBC executives apologize for laundering Mexican cartel money. G4S CEO apologizes to British lawmakers for Olympic security staffing blunder. Fraudulently obtained driver's licenses in Minnesota worry DHS.

Security Consultant Perspective

- Paul Schneider, principal at the Chertoff Group, is interviewed.

Solving the Interoperability Riddle

- Has a Silicon Valley start-up cost-efficiently solved the seemingly intractable problem of achieving interoperability for first responders?

DHS Doesn't Know Why CIKR Stakeholders Don't Participate in Voluntary Security Assessments

- Congress's watchdog reports that DHS does not track why some infrastructure asset owners and operators decline its free and voluntary site security surveys and vulnerability assessments, thereby losing an opportunity to increase participation in these security services.

Lawmakers and Stakeholders Fed Up with TWIC Costs and Delays

- The joint TSA-Coast Guard effort to biometrically verify the identities of maritime and port workers has seriously tried the patience of lawmakers and the program's stakeholders.

Securing the Cities

- The Department of Homeland Security’s Directorate of Science and Technology gives an overview of the program to create a domestic nuclear and radiological detection infrastructure inside the United States.

DHS Reorganization

- In congressional testimony, Chertoff Group Principal Paul Schneider shares his thoughts on how the government should work with the private sector to meet the cybersecurity threat. Schneider also tells lawmakers why the Department of Homeland Security needs to be reorganized.

Security Consultant Perspective

- Paul Schneider, principal at the Chertoff Group, is interviewed.  

Defending Against the Nuclear Threat

- The Securing the Cities Initiative, intended to help high-risk cities defend against a radiological attack, is being implemented in the New York City region.

Lawmakers Call for Caribbean Counternarcotics Strategy

- Homeland security lawmakers want more U.S. attention brought to security vulnerabilities in the Caribbean.

Safecast Uses Kickstarter to Fund Citizens' Geiger Counter

- A campaign to increase public radiation data raises more than $100,000 in two weeks.

Think Tank Perspective: Interview with Philip Mudd

- An interview with Philip Mudd of the New America Foundation.

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