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Terrorism Reporting

- A survey reveals that a large percentage of the public does not understand what constitutes suspicious activity in the context of terrorism. Read more about this and other problems with suspicious activity reporting.

Morning Security Brief: Hurricane Isaac, Detect-to-Protect, Gun Purchases Study, and More

- Hurricane Isaac projected to make landfall Tuesday. New bioagent detection system undergoes trial in Boston. Ten percent of guns used in crimes in Chicago came from two suburban gun shops. And more.

Fusing Intelligence Resources

- Learn how a one-of-a-kind public-private partnership is helping to protect Las Vegas.

DHS-FBI Intel Bulletin Warns About Anarchist Threat to Conventions

- Anarchists throwing acid-filled eggs and Molotov cocktails bolstered by social media and smartphones may be a problem for the cities hosting the Republican and Democratic Conventions over the next two weeks, according to a joint DHS-FBI intelligence bulletin.

Device Could Allow Cell Phones to Detect Bioagents

- In 2004, researcher Nosang Myung started building a miniature device that could detect airborne toxins. Eight years later, the newest prototype is about a month from completion.

The Counterterrorism Handbook: Tactics, Procedures, and Techniques

- The book overall is well presented with an audience of security and law enforcement professionals in mind. Its point of view is not from a single author, but from a panel of experts, and their specialization shows.

Morning Security Brief: Trapwire Revealed, Muslim Spying Case, Terrorists in Syria, and More

- A leaked document exposes Trapwire. Syrian rebels don't really like fighting alongside jihadists. Stop and frisk opinions. And more.

FBI: White Extremists Don’t Have the Organization to Launch Suicide Attacks

- During the rise of right-wing extremism in the United States, the FBI examined the likelihood of suicide attacks by white extremists, according to a 2007 report.

Emergency Management Perspective Interview with Trina Sheets

- Associate Editor Matthew Harwood interviews Trina Sheets, executive director of the National Emergency Management Association.

Operation Medicine Delivery After-Action Report

- For at least one household, their aggressive dog is what stood between them and the life-saving medication after a simulated anthrax attack.

One-Stop Shop for Counterterrorists

- A comprehensive database of terrorist incidents within the United States aims to provide data to law enforcement, researchers, and the intelligence community.

City of Houston's Active Shooter PSA Goes Viral

- The release of the homeland security grant-funded short film was moved up after the Aurora shooting.

Morning Security Brief: Covert Aid To Syria Authorized, Suspected Whistleblower Sues the Government, San Diego’s Alert System

- A former Intelligence Committee aide is suing to get her laptop back. San Diego launches new features for its emergency alert system. And more.

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