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Morning Security Brief: Snowden Receives Asylum, Warantless Cellphone Tracking Constitutional, NSA Program Scrutiny, And More

- Edward Snowden left a Moscow airport after being granted temporary asylum in Russia. A U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that cellphone location data is not protected under the Fourth Amendment and can be accessed by government officials without a warrant. The Senate Commerce Committee approved a bill that will strengthen the nation's cybersecurity, while the Senate Judiciary Committee looked into the NSA's metadata collection program.

Morning Security Brief: Manning's Mixed Verdict, Some PCs banned from Top Secret Networks, Civil Liberties, and More

- Pfc. Bradley Manning has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy, a verdict that brings relief to transparancy campaigners. Fears of hacking led to a ban on some PCs in Top Secret governmental integrated networks. A new survey by the Pew Research Center says that Americans are worried about the errosion of their civil liberties in the name of antiterrorism. United Kingdom IT security professionals says system complexity is causing security breaches.

How Snowden's Revelations Impact Intelligence Collection Efforts

- The move towards more constraints and more public oversight of U.S. intelligence gathering procedures sparked by Edward Snowden’s revelations is not in the United States’ best interests if it wishes to avoid intelligence failures, according to a former government intelligence community official who worked at the FBI during the attacks on the U.S. embassies in Africa and on the USS Cole. He spoke on the issue at a panel on terrorism and intelligence.

Cybersecurity Framework

- The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will be holding more workshops on the cybersecurity framework it is developing with the help of the private sector. Read the initial analysis of comments to find out what industry leaders and organizations are saying the framework should include.


- Employers must be aware of the requirements of immigration law, the penalties for violations, and how to create a robust compliance program.

Morning Security Brief: Obama Says No to Defunding NSA, Snowden Can Leave Airport, Ports Vulnerable to Cyberattack

- President Barack Obama opposes the House's move to block funding for the NSA's phone data collection program. Meanwhile, NSA leaker Edward Snowden has been given documents that allow him to leave Moscow's airport. And a new study says that U.S. ports are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Privacy and Cybersecurity

- As representatives from government and private security hammer out the details of the cybersecurity framework, privacy concerns are moving to the top of the agenda.

What 2012 Terrorism Statistics Reveal

- A recent report gives details on terrorist attacks worldwide, discusses how terrorist threats have evolved, and notes how governments are responding.

Morning Security Brief: NSA Order Renewal, Security for the Pope's Visit, and More

- The White House declines comment on renewal of the NSA order to collect Verizon phone records, Brazil must rethink security for the pope's visit, and more.

Morning Security Brief: License Plate Reader Privacy Concerns, North Korea Demands Return of Ship, and More

- Automatic license plate readers cause privacy concerns, Panama requests U.N. assistance while N. Korea demands the return of their weapon-laden ship, and hackers attacked more than half of the world's critical financial exchanges.

Morning Security Brief: TSA Seeks to Randomize Security, Opinions on Liberty versus Security, and More

- The TSA wants to randomize security lines, the public's perception on liberty versus security shifts, and EPIC calls for a halt to domestic telephone surveillance. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Cyberthreats to Critical Infrastructure, New Fingerprint Forensics, DHS IG Investigated, and More

- Cyberattacks against financial institutions and energy sector in the news; fingerprint forensics research could lead to advances; the DHS inspector general is under investigation; and more.

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