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Ten Fingerprint Scan Moves to O'Hare International Airport

- The fingerprints will be checked against an FBI and a DHS database filled with criminals, illegal immigrants, and known or suspected terrorists.

Super Bowl a Level One National Security Event

- The Super Bowl is classified as a level one national security event by the Department of Homeland Security.

State Perspective - Mississippi

- Interview with Mike Womack, executive director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

Bioterror Detection Draws Closer

- New technology tests for pathogens.

Are Hospitals Soft Targets?

- Experts worry that radioactive materials routinely housed in hospitals could be used by terrorists to make "dirty" bombs.

Honor System at Border Will End Thursday, Says DHS

- In response, senators from northern U.S. states have implored DHS to maintain oral border declarations until June 2009.

U.K. May Axe National Fingerprint Registry

- A leaked Home Office document obtained by The Observer cites cost concerns for the government's loss of enthusiasm.

TSA Tester Gets Fake Bomb Past Screener, Reports CNN

- With CNN in tow, a TSA tester smuggled an IED past security at Tampa International Airport.

Financial Industry Ready for Pandemic Flu

- A new public-private report says the financial industry would remain operational during a severe global pandemic flu, even as absenteeism reached 49 percent.

CBP Examining More Cargo, Says GAO

- The CBP has increased the security of the overseas supply chain by screening more and more cargo containers destined for the United States, says the government watchdog.

ICE Plans Major Immigration Database

- Immigration and Customs Enforcement plans a major database that will draw from more than nine federal sources to close information-sharing gaps.

U.S. Federal Legislation: Immigration

- A bill (H.R. 4201) introduced by Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) would require that state and local law enforcement agencies determine the immigration status of anyone arrested for a felony. If the accused is in the country illegally, he or she would be detained without the possibility of bail and would undergo federal deportation proceedings.

Chertoff Says Muscular Border Security is Increasing Violence

- His comments were provoked by the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent in California over the weekend.

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