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TSA Security Screening Called into Question

- The x-raying of carry-on luggage, the taking off of shoes, and the confiscation of small items is of dubious value to airport security, says a new report from Harvard.

Does DHS Spend Too Much on Short-Term Technology?

- The Department of Homeland Security spends more than half of its R&D money on technology that comes to fruition within three years.

Will Use of UAVs Take Off?

- Tests are underway to assess whether unmanned aerial vehicles could be safety used by police in metropolitan areas.

An Intelligence Sharing Success Story?

- The Homeland Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center has been helping the United States make important headway in information sharing between the federal intelligence community, private sector infrastructure stakeholders, and local and state law enforcement officials.

State Homeland Security Advisors Unhappy with Federal Government

- A new report from the National Governors Association shows deep dissatisfaction with the federal government among state homeland security officials .

Homeland Security, 2nd Edition

- A collection of 41 articles that provides a variety of opinions and points of view on an extremely broad and controversial topic, making the format an excellent fit for the subject matter.

Countering Terrorism and WMD: Creating a Global Counter-Terrorism Network

- Learn how informal international networks trump formal international ones in the battle against terrorism and WMDs.

Quick Bytes: IT security problems at DHS

- The Department of Homeland Security's IT efforts are plagued with inefficiencies and problems, from an "organizationally weak" CIO office and the reliance on outdated technical systems to the need to outsource some benefits and payroll functions to other agencies. Those charges are leveled by Democrats on the House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee in a recent report, America at Risk: Closing the Security Gap. @ The report is available at SM Online.

Homegrown Terrorists Plead Guilty to Waging War on U.S. Government

- Three suspects in a Los Angeles jihadist cell have pled guilty to terrorism conspiracy charges and highlight the problem of violent radicalization in U.S. prisons.

Task Force Pushes for Early Warning System

- The Cyber Security Early Warning task force, which includes representatives from businesses, trade groups, and academia, has issued its first set of recommendations. First is a call for the creation of an Early Warning Alert Network (EWAN) that would work with existing public-private information-sharing organizations to establish "trust communities" across industry sectors that would receive critical alerts on vulnerabilities, attacks, and exploits.

What Is Homeland Security ?

- How smart is the homeland security effort to gather intelligence?

Worldwide Terrorism by Region

- Quarterly region data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.

State Perspective - Oregon

- Interview with Ken Murphy, director of Oregon Emergency Management.

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