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Homegrown Terrorists Plead Guilty to Waging War on U.S. Government

- Three suspects in a Los Angeles jihadist cell have pled guilty to terrorism conspiracy charges and highlight the problem of violent radicalization in U.S. prisons.

Task Force Pushes for Early Warning System

- The Cyber Security Early Warning task force, which includes representatives from businesses, trade groups, and academia, has issued its first set of recommendations. First is a call for the creation of an Early Warning Alert Network (EWAN) that would work with existing public-private information-sharing organizations to establish "trust communities" across industry sectors that would receive critical alerts on vulnerabilities, attacks, and exploits.

What Is Homeland Security ?

- How smart is the homeland security effort to gather intelligence?

Worldwide Terrorism by Region

- Quarterly region data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.

State Perspective - Oregon

- Interview with Ken Murphy, director of Oregon Emergency Management.

Border Disorder

- America's vulnerabilities at the border keep growing, but experts say securing the U.S.-Canada border is both financially prohibitive and practically impossible.

Scouting for Signs of Pandemic

- By pooling and analyzing information from various sources, a newly launched program can spot a disease outbreak before it becomes a crisis.

Less Private Intelligence Contractors, Says Congressional Report

- A joint congressional report tells the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to find the appropriate balance between contract employees and civilian government employees.

Airport Screening

- Undercover government investigators smuggled the components for improvised explosive and incendiary devices past airport screeners last spring and summer, a GAO representative told Congress. The GAO fears these bombs could bring a plane down if detonated in mid-air.

Pandemic Preparations

- Federal Executive Boards, which link federal and community leaders in major cities, could be a valuable asset during an influenza pandemic.

Border Security

- The status of border security initiatives is reviewed in a new GAO report. The paper examines the ease with which radioactive materials might be smuggled into the United States.

Update: 11,000 Illegals Work in British Private Security

- The number of illegal aliens working as private security guards in Britain is twice what was originally thought, revealed the Home Secretary last week.

Terror alerts

- Is the Homeland Security Advisory System working?

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