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Fusion Centers' Mission Failure?

- The GAO finds that state fusion centers have drifted from their original counterterrorism mission while center officials complain of federal government neglect.

Did You Know That?

- Much of the fear of "dirty bombs" is a fear of the unknown. Security managers who wish to educate employees can turn to a fact sheet from the National Academies and the Department of Homeland Security. It explains what dirty bombs are and are not, what they do, what danger they present, and how people can protect themselves. @ To download the sheet, go to SM Online.

Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

- This work offers a compendium of U.S. government guidelines and tools for working in critical infrastructure protection.

Is Homeland Security Strategically Focused?

- Although 9-11 is said to have changed everything, the United States hasn't sufficiently changed the way it fights terrorism.

Tracking Dangerous Cargo

- Find out how government and industry are taking steps to mitigate both safety and security risks that can arise when hazardous materials are transported by rail or truck.

A Web of Intelligence Networks

- Getting government agencies to share security information means first identifying the networks involved. A congressional briefing by the Government Accountability Office identified nine agencies and 34 networks that support homeland security functions (two of these networks are still under development). The briefing outlines each network and gives examples of how they might work together for counterterrorism efforts.

Security standards

- A bill (S. 216) that would have established a Private Security Industry Task Force within the Department of Homeland Security was introduced but was not actively considered by lawmakers in this congressional session.

Games Aid Emergency Management

- New game-based training simulations are designed to reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of disaster planning.

A New Form of Electromagnetic Radiation Could Bolster Airport and National Security

- Scientists at the DOE's Argonne National Laboratory may be able to harness the power of T-rays for more effective checkpoint screening.

New Israeli Device Said to Prevent 9-11 Type Hijackings

- Israeli officials say the system is foolproof.

Function Over Form

- The form of corporate assets is less important than their function and value, and the only way to protect assets in any form is to coordinate IT and physical security.

FDNY Partners with DHS to Gather Information While Inside Homes

- Critics say the partnership will turn firefighters into intelligence agents.

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