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Canada's Porous Border

- The country's auditor general says border security may be as bad as it was 20 years ago.

Local Law Enforcement Counterterrorism Efforts Highlighted

- Senior police officers tell Congress why they are the "first preventors of terrorism."

Will Maritime ID Finally Set Sail?

- The long-awaited and beleaguered Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is finally set to roll out in the Port of Wilmington, Delaware.

From the Terrorists' Point of View: What They Experience and Why They Come to Destroy

- What makes Islamist terrorism tick?

Unconquerable Nation: Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves

- Among the many books that purport to point the way forward for America in the wake of 9-11, this one stands out, chiefly for its clarity and sensibility. It is often difficult to deny the common sense of Brian Michael Jenkins' commentary.  

No Lights, No Camera, Just Action

- Emergency response and disaster management plans shouldn't be filed away until the day they are needed, but tested regularly to identify weaknesses and improve plans. Learn the eight major areas that must be tested and how to stage an exercise.

New York Governor's New Plan Would Still Give Licenses to Illegal Aliens

- Plan would create three separate but secure driver's licenses.

Worldwide Terrorism by Tactic

- Quarterly Target, Region, and Tactic data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base

State Perspective - Pennsylvania

- Interview with James F. Powers, Pennsylvania’s director of Homeland Security

Fusion Centers Should Work with ISACs

- A lack of appreciation has led state intelligence fusion centers to ignore private sector owner-operators of critical infrastructure.

Odd Carry-ons or Probing Attack?

- Experts differ on whether suspicious carry-ons were a terrorist trial run, but they are encouraged that scanners caught the objects.

Insect Insurgents

- Could bugs be the next terrorist weapon? A Boston Globe op-ed thinks so.

9-11 Chairman Criticizes FBI's Counterterrorism Efforts

- Thomas H. Kean says the FBI must stop treating its intelligence analysts like second class citizens.

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