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- A bill (S. 308) introduced by Rep. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)would require that homeland security grants be given out only based on assessments of risk, threat, and vulnerability.

Interim Goal is Published

- The Department of Homeland Security has released its Interim National Preparedness Goal, which “establishes readiness priorities, targets, and metrics.” For more information go to SM Online.

Afghanistan: The Forgotten Front

- A report out this week on the deterioration of the Afghanistan situation and the strengthening of the Taliban and al Qaeda coincides with the country's deadliest suicide attack since the overthrow of the Taliban.


- In Connecticut and New Jersey, DHS conducted a simulated terrorist-attack exercise called TOPOFF.

Government Will Appeal Ruling on National Security Letters

- The September ruling struck down a key provision of the U.S. PATRIOT Act.

Three More Ports Enroll in TWIC

- Today workers will enroll at the ports of Tacoma, Washington; Honolulu,Hawaii; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Report: Border Security Shoddy at Land Ports of Entry

- The Government Accountability Office reports traveler inspections at land ports are weak.

DHS Eases REAL ID Implementation Requirements

- DHS may also back away from previous deadline requirements to make the plan more palatable to states.

Security of Enhanced Driver’s Licenses Questioned

- Critics say the RFID chips embedded within the licenses are better suited for tracking cargo, not verifying people's identity.

TSA May Have Tipped Agents Off to Security Test

- The Associated Press reports that the Transportation Security Administration appears to have thwarted a security test "by alerting screeners across the country that it was under way, even providing descriptions of the undercover agents."

Bush Issues Information-Sharing Report

- The White House issues its strategy for information sharing in the war on terrorism.

Feds Exit the Matrix

- Feds find that MATRIX isn’t “The One."


- A bill (H.R. 285) that would establish a national cybersecurity response team to analyze threat information and provide early warning of attacks on the cybersecurity infrastructure has been approved by the House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Economic Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Cybersecurity. The bill must now be considered by the full committee.

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