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Homeland Security Contracts

- Homeland Security Contracts awarded.

Remote-Control Toys a Terrorism Risk?

- Toy remote controls may pose a terrorism risk, says TSA.

Efforts to Tighten Borders Continue

- Specially trained border patrol officers have long been authorized to issue removal orders so that illegal immigrants not seeking asylum get deported without a hearing. Called “expedited removal,” the authority previously applied in only three U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Sectors across the southwest border. It has now been expanded to nine.

Flight Crew Training

- TSA should establish strategic goals for flight crew security training, says this GAO report.

Border Security

- A recent GAO report states that the visa process should be improved as an antiterrorism tool.

Academic Consortium

- National Academic Consortium for Homeland Security formed to help improve U.S. and worldwide security.

Agriculture Inspections Compromised

- The 2002 decision to transfer agriculture inspections to Customs and Border Protection has hurt the nation's ability to protect against foreign pests.

A Matter of Degrees


DHS Extends Border Fencing 145 Miles

- The department completed its goal of laying down 70 miles of fencing by the end of September.

FBI Director Mueller Discusses Terrorism Threat

- Al Qaeda is not, in the words of FBI Director Robert Mueller, "an organization that will go quietly into the night." Speaking recently to the Council on Foreign Relations, Mueller said that "Just as the FBI has changed and developed new tactics to confront al Qaeda’s asymmetrical warfare, al Qaeda has also adapted." He spoke of a "three-tiered threat."

Introduction to Homeland Security, Second Edition

- No sooner was the term “homeland security” coined than did a cavalcade of books appear with that buzz phrase in the title. In its first edition, this book merited the right to use that term, and it continues to do so in this second edition.


- 38 The number of intelligence fusion centers in the U.S. in 2006, according to the Department of Homeland Security. The centers, run by states or major cities, serve as multijurisdictional hubs for terrorism-related information collection, analysis, and dissemination.

State Perspective – Iowa

- Interview with David L. Miller David L. Miller began his emergency management career as a dispatcher with the Iowa Department of Public Safety in 1974. He then oversaw 911 systems in Oregon and Missouri before returning home in 1989 to join the agency he now heads. He worked as Iowa’s Enhanced 911 coordinator, as the state’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division (HLSEM) chief of staff, and has served as an alternate coordinating officer or the alternate governor’s representative in 16 presidentially declared disasters.

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