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Management of US-VISIT Evaluated

- US-VISIT calls for various measures, such as digital photos and biometrics, to ensure that persons entering the U.S. are correctly identified and not on watch lists

Terrorist War Games Focus on IT

- Cyber war games, US-visit evaluated, and chemical plant security concerns.

Business News

- A digital homeland security library is redesigned

DHS’s New Schools of Thought

- Six Centers of Excellence serve as incubators of ideas and research for the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security

- Check out the research on homeland security topics by the DHS-sponsored Centers of Excellence.

Two Titans Team Up for National Preparedness and Response

- The Red Cross and the Business Roundtable have joined forces to strengthen the nation's disaster preparedness and response.

Positive SPIN on Liaisons

- Find out how the Security Police Information Network (SPIN) promotes public-private information sharing.

Studies Reveal System Flaws

- The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) American Shield Initiative (ASI)—a program of sensors, cameras, and databases that monitor U.S. land borders—lacks “key management capabilities” and has failed to define “key acquisition management processes,” such as those for tracking and overseeing contractors, says a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The auditors note that DHS has not fully staffed the ASI program office and has only defined roles and responsibilities for 3 of 47 positions.

Not Just Playing Games

- Sometimes gaming is about more than just earning the high score and killing the "bad guys." Sometimes it's about saving lives.

Suicide Bombers at the Gate

- Too much attention has been paid to assessing vulnerabilities and reacting to each new accident. We need to rethink risk mitigation in the light of the new threat paradigm.


- 50 The estimated percentage of  cargo that arrives in the Port of Los Angeles as “in-bond” each year. In-bond cargo is allowed to enter the country and be transported to another port before being checked by U.S. Customs. Shippers only submit the detailed information used for inspection at the final destination port.

State Perspective - Missouri

- Interview with Paul H. Fennewald, Missouri's homeland security coordinator.

You Might Be a Terrorist If...

- The pitfalls of profiling terrorists. (Updated)

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