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EU Parliament Committees Reject ACTA Treaty

- Four European parliament committees have voted against a major international treaty that aims to protect against online piracy and the trade of counterfeit goods.

Newly Discovered Malware Considered Especially Sophisticated

- A newly discovered malicious software program is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated attack kits yet discovered, according to the software firm Kaspersky Lab.

Electronic Devices

- The Symantec Honey Stick Project lost smartphones on purpose to see what people did when they found them. The finders searched personal and business data on the phones.

Hiring IT Experts

- This Government Accountability Office report describes how some government agencies could improve the way they hire and retain cybersecurity professionals.

FTC Names Internet Privacy Expert as Policy Advisor

- The Federal Trade Commission has hired privacy expert Paul Ohm as a senior policy advisor for consumer protection and competition issues affecting the Internet and mobile markets.

Developing a Cybersecurity Staff

- The federal government can improve its cybersecurity capabilities through more targeted hiring and training of a cybersecurity work force, but that’s easier said than done.

Consolidating Authorization

- Helping companies consolidate the network access and authentication process.

Social Networking Sites Assist Investigations

- As more investigators use social media, they need to be aware of the legal issues and tread carefully.

CHART: Types of Data Breaches

- Criminals target strikingly different types of data in large and small organizations.

Forrester Report Touts Next Generation Firewalls, Greater Network Visibility

- Increasingly popular next generation firewalls can be highly effective at thwarting network attacks and may eventually become more popular than standalone firewall devices, according to a new Forrester report.

Myspace Settles with FTC Over Shady 'Pre-Acquisition Advertising Practices'

- A social networking site has agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that it misled users about how their personal information was being used.

IP Video Market Info Reviews the Security Management Digital Edition

- “This is much more likely an example of how security trade magazines will evolve online,” John Honovich says.

Morning Security Brief: Cell Phone Tracking, New Hacker Collective Appears Online, Sensitive Record Breach, and More

- Congress wants to know how many times cell phone companies have provided data to law enforcement. A new hacker group calling itself the Unknowns says it wants to show NASA and the Air Force how it breached their networks. An anti-abortion group says it leaked patient medical records from a Kansas City abortion clinic. And more.

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