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- A bill (S. 1469) introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) would require that the federal government provide an annual report to Congress on cybercrime directed at the United States by foreign countries.


- An inexpensive surveillance application reviewed this month has a wide range of security features and controls. Its functions include motion detection, e-mail alerts, and automatic video recording and playback. Go online to see how it works.

Morning Security Brief: Hacktivism, Toulouse Shooter Dies After Fall, Minutemen Groups Disappearing, and More

- Hackers like Anonymous steal more data than cybercriminals in 2011. The Toulouse shooter dies trying to escape after a 32-hour standoff. Lawmakers take up the Minutemen cause. And more.

CHART: How Companies Respond to Data Breaches


Worth a Look: iSpy

- Associate Editor John Wagley reviews an inexpensive surveillance application with a breadth of features and controls.

Social Networking Security

- Increasingly, employees expect to remain connected to social networking sites while at work. But these sites represent a growing threat.

Computer Security Handbook, Volumes 1 & 2, 5th Edition

- The Computer Security Handbook’s 77 comprehensive chapters, in two volumes, cover all 10 domains of the Common Body of Knowledge as defined by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2.

Morning Security Brief: NASA Breaches, Tornado Death Toll, Domestic Drone Crash, and More

- NASA says hackers have had full control of its systems. Tornado death toll reaches 39. Houston authorities crash their surveillance drone in the exact way the GAO warned about in 2008. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Emergency Alert System Fails, NSA Fishbowl, Employee Verification, and More

- Emergency sirens fail to alert residents of deadly tornado. NSA talks smartphone security. Employee verification companies make a profit in India. And more.

Pew Data Shows Increased Concern For Privacy Online

- Women are more selective about who they share information with online and less likely to post things they regret, according to a new Pew survey on Internet privacy.

Behind the Numbers

- The ramifications of cyberattacks.  

YouPorn Blames Third Party Provider for Data Breach

- Registered users should “rest assured” that none of their data has been exposed, according to a statement released Thursday afternoon by the popular adult Web site YouPorn. There's still no official number on how many people were affected.

Morning Security Brief: ACTA Under Review, YouPorn Exposes User Data, Mobile App Privacy Policies, and More

- ACTA being sent to highest EU court. Porn site user data was made available online. New privacy guidelines for mobile app developers. And more.

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