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Google Expands Malware Scanning Tool

- Google announced last week that it would be expanding the program, Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators, to also include malicious domains to the information available to Web site administrators.

Morning Security Brief: New Cybersecurity Bill, Officers Suing For Discrimination, Largest Child Porn Bust, and More

- A new cybersecurity bill aims to protect companies from lawsuits after information breaches. Officers sue their agencies after being dismissed for "having opinions." Authorities make the biggest child porn bust in history. And more.

Cyber Monday Provides The Perfect Environment For ‘Package Not Delivered’ Scams

- The “Package Not Delivered” scam sends customers an email that looks so legit it’s scary.

Morning Security Brief: iPhone Forensics, New GAO Report on TSA, Cartel Violence, and More

- Investigators losing key data with flawed computer forensics procedures. GAO says TSA should improve information sharing. The most common misunderstanding about the Mexican cartels. And more.

NIST Makes Major Upgrade to SAMATE Reference Dataset

- Computer scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have enlarged a database designed to improve applications that help programmers find weaknesses in software.

Morning Security Brief: Drug Sniffing Dogs, Google Slams Mobile Security Vendors, DHS Denies Hackers Hit Water Pump, and More

- Does using a drug sniffing dog without probable cause constitute an illegal search? Google says mobile security vendors are overstating the threat to turn a profit. DHS dismisses reports of hackers taking out an Illinois water pump. And more.

Chart: The Cost of Cybercrime

- Take a look at the cost of cybercrime by type of attack.

Experts Share Compliance Tactics

- Companies can help ease the pain of standards compliance by integrating efforts into daily routines and conducting ongoing inventory checks.

McAfee Warns of the Twelve Scams of Christmas

- McAfee has released its "12 scams of Christmas" to forewarn and forearm consumers and businesses.

Study Finds Online Privacy Tools Ineffective

- Tools that aim to let Web surfers block companies from tracking their online surfing are currently ineffective, according to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University.

Lessons Learned from Trident Breach

- A panel of law enforcement experts who spoke at the recent FOSE conference in Washington, D.C., discussed some of the operation’s key lessons and the current state of law enforcement’s anti-cybercrime efforts.

Hacker says ‘Don’t scan that QR code!’

- Hackers could use QR codes to remotely access all of the data in a person’s phone and record their every move through pictures and audio and there’s no way to know once a device is infected.

Russian Spies Transmitted Messages Through Images

- The group of Russian spies that was arrested last year after living undercover in the United States was using technology allegedly used by terrorist groups to pass covert information, according to FBI documents released on Monday.

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