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Why Valentine’s Day Surveillance May Not Be a Good Idea

- Before you decide to track your spouse...

Researchers Monitoring the Emergence of Mobile Malware Built to Mine Location Data

- Security researchers are still trying to wrap their heads around what will come of an emerging trend in mobile malware that extracts a mobile user’s location data.


- A new law (formerly H.B. 665) establishes a cybersecurity task force within the Maryland state government. The task force is designed to evaluate mitigation and prevention strategies to prepare for a cyberattack. The task force will also conduct a review of existing policies, standards, and best practices within state agencies to identify inconsistences and devise new programs.

Data Security

- A new bill (S. 1535) that would impose data security requirements on companies that handle personally identifiable information has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Senate has announced that it will consider the measure.

Data Security Regulations

- The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Commerce Department have asked for feedback on ways to create a “voluntary industry code of conduct” to combat botnets. Read the comments online.

Mobile Devices

- This relatively inexpensive application can help track Apple and Android mobile devices and also offers a host of additional security features.

The Pineapple Express: Hak5 Builds A Bigger, Better WiFi Honey Pot

- For convenience, wireless devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones contain software that automatically connects to networks they remember. That feature is also an easy to exploit vulnerability.

Worth a Look: iHound

- An inexpensive application for tracking Apple and Android devices.

Can ISPs Help Beat Botnets?

- To fight hackers, companies are informing customers of threats, creating public-private partnerships, and devising security standards.

Securing the Smart Grid: Next Generation Power Grid Security

- Novices may find value in the thorough introduction to subjects such as the smart grid, hacking, and IT threats. It’s unlikely that the text would be a consistently helpful working reference, however, for those already engaged in smart grid security.

Morning Security Brief: Anonymous Avenges Megaupload, Virginia to be Cybesecurity Hub, Researchers Target Hacker Group, and More

- Anonymous takes down government sites after Megaupload is seized for copyright infringement. Governor declares Virginia as the nation's cybersecurity center. Russian hackers halt operations after their identities are revealed by security researchers. And more.

Ranking of Cloud Security Measures

- Survey data from the Ponemon Institute shows what cloud security measures respondents thought were most important.

Firms Flock to Managed Services

- Before organizations contract with managed security services providers, they should clarify their needs and expectations.

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