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Antisocial Networking Sites

- The malicious side of social networking, financial firms under siege, and a new roadmap for security convergence.

Quick Bytes: Text on Net annoyances

- Need to know everything there is to know about Web-based dangers and annoyances? Looking for a one-stop shop for the tips and tools that will prevent spam from hitting your computer or spyware from taking it over? Point your browser to a free online text by Dan Sullivan called The Definitive Guide to Controlling Malware, Spyware, Phishing, and Spam.

Security Convergence Roadmap Released

- The Open Security Exchange (OSE), a nonprofit association working with multiple industries to facilitate the convergence of physical and IT security, has created a roadmap that will help companies achieve the convergence of these functions; it is scheduled to be revealed this month.

Safe Internet Practices

- NIST has issued a number of new draft guides containing recommendations on various aspects of Internet security, including e-mail and Web applications.

Laptop Theft

- Read these security recommendations, including a lobby security checklist for office buildings, to prevent laptop thefts.

Top 10 Performing Security Stocks for July 2006

- Top 10 Performing Security Stocks for July 2006

Where Copyright Meets the Internet

- Copyright infringement on the Internet, planning for floods, space security, and stale-dated check fraud.(

Security's Input on Outsourcing

- Security can play a valuable role in corporate outsourcing efforts.

Sizing Up IP

- What issues are raised when security wants to install an IP-based CCTV system? We asked security and IT professionals for their thoughts, and found only a few areas of concern.

Executive Roadmap to Fraud Prevention and Internal Control: Creating a Culture of Compliance.

- The book features the authors’ view of the interplay among fraud specialists, corporate security professionals, and IT security practitioners. Clearly favored are the fraud specialists.

Enhancing Computer Security with Smart Technology

- The goal of the book is to show how to use “smart technology” (which, regrettably, the authors never define) to enhance computer security.

DHS Computers Hacked

- Dozens of computers compromised.

Quick Bytes: Encrypting data at rest

- Pressure to comply with regulatory efforts such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley is the key driver of enterprisewide encryption efforts, according to security professionals at 112 financial services companies surveyed by InfoTech, yet just over half of those surveyed said that encryption of data at rest is “a high priority for their organizations.” Less than a third said they think their firms are doing “an adequate job of encrypting data at rest.” Fifty-seven percent plan new encryption efforts in the near future. @ More results from Enterprise Encryption in the Financial Services Sector are available at SM Online.

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