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What Are Your Weaknesses?

- The first step that a company can and should take along the road to better data security is to conduct a formal IT assessment.

New Threats

- Consumer Internet Threat Meter educates consumers on online risks.

Travel Tips

- Utimaco Software has listed Top Tips for Mobile Computing.

Data Losses

- RSA Security’s Wireless Security Survey of San Francisco found that more than 40 percent of wireless networks were unsecured.

P2P Dangers Growing

- More than doubling in three years, P2P use is an increasingly dangerous means of sending confidential information.

Tech Talk From Microsoft — How to Use the TechNet Security Center

- This is the first in a series of four pieces that will highlight resources available from Microsoft. ASIS International is partnering with Microsoft to help raise IT awareness among its security professional membership.

Essential Computer Security

- The Essential Computer Security: Everyone’s Guide to Email, Internet, and Wireless Security can serve as the owner’s manual for anyone serious about ensuring the security of their computer and the data contained therein.

Behind the Numbers: Image Spam Fades in 2007


Paying Up for Retail Privacy

- A study in which participants were given money to spend online found that they would pay more at a site with better privacy.


- Cyberthreats detected last year that were Trojan horse programs.

Exterminating Online Pests

- Protect Your Computers from Malicious Internet Invaders, a new book from Preston Gralla, shows how to trap these invaders in a protective web that keeps your computer running smoothly and your personal information safe.

When Cybercriminals Turn Pro

- Cole and his team wanted to examine the changing nature of hackers and malicious-code writers, and the communities in which they work. As a basis for their research, the Symantec team looked specifically at an increasingly widespread Trojan horse program called Bancos that targets customers of some Latin American banks and tries to steal their account passwords.

A Site To See

- As the number of Internet-based threats grows, it becomes more and more difficult to assign a single name to malicious code. Spyware, malware, crimeware what word can be used to describe a whole galaxy of threats? A new Web site established by experts at several top universities and sponsored by high-tech companies like Google and Sun Microsystems offers a suggestion: badware. The site,, was created by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, the Oxford Internet Institute, and Consumer Reports WebWatch.The sheer size of the badware problem makes this site particularly timely and useful, and thus A Site to See this month.

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