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Barriers to Better IT Security

- What prevents IT professionals from setting up the best possible security programs?

Convergence: Merging Access Controls

- Merging physical and logical access controls.


- Get up to code with Web application security standards and learn how to plug up your cybersecurity holes before a hacker attacks here, here, and here.

Driver's Licenses

- Mayors, governors, and civil libertarians gave Congress an earful about the REAL ID Act, saying that it is costly, impractical, and will put private data at risk. They are pushing for a revised law.

Decoding Encryption Policy

- In the summer of 1995, a French student cracked a forty-bit key in eight days using 120 workstations and a few supercomputers.

New In PlainText

- A guide to hacking defenses is reviewed.

Malware's Evolving Threat

- An overview of malware assailing your computer.

Keep Communications in a Crisis

- Internet connectivity for phones and networks can be a boon in a crisis if companies know how to plan for that eventuality.

Quick Bytes - Testing IT Plans

- The National Institute of Standards and Technology has created an in-depth guide to tests, training, and exercise programs as they relate to IT plans.

IT Security

- INS conducted a survey about what prevents IT professionals from setting up the best possible security programs. Get the results.

Securing Utility and Energy Infrastructures

- In today’s world, what security and business professional wouldn’t want to know about securing infrastructures?

Scientific Examination of Documents: Methods and Techniques, Third Edition

- A stable of trained and experienced specialists exists in the security profession to assist in duties that fall outside the knowledge of most security managers. One of those specialties is examination of documents, the topic of this book.

Information Security Architecture: An Integrated Approach to Security in the Organization, Second Edition

- The book covers important ISA issues such as the nature of the organization, policies and standards, baselines and risk assessment, awareness and training, compliance, and more.

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