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Wireless Intrusion Prevention WIPing Into Shape

- Major companies pay increased attention to preventing wireless network intrusion.

Watching the Web

- How one company tracks employees' Internet use, including wireless access, to monitor both activity and bandwidth requirements.

A New Perspective on Protecting Personal Data

- A trio of computer scientists at Stanford University is developing a conceptual framework for understanding privacy expectations and their implications using the tenets of a principle called contextual integrity.

Time to Give Data Mining the Shaft?

- Data mining and privacy. Some say the concepts are in irretrievable conflict.

Two Studies Examine Fingerprinting

- In turns out that left and right differ even in the mundane world of fingerprint analysis.

Software Security: Building Security In

- McGraw goes into detail not only about writing secure code but also about key related areas, which he terms “the seven touchpoints of software security.”

Computer Security

- Numerous states have created laws that require companies to notify consumers in the event of an electronic security breach. The laws include exceptions when the notification would be extremely costly, though the figures differ by state.

Coupon Crime Costing a Pretty Penny

- The battle against coupon fraud.


- 100 The number, in millions, of records containing personal information reported compromised between February 2005 and December 2006, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

Barriers to Better IT Security

- What prevents IT professionals from setting up the best possible security programs?

Convergence: Merging Access Controls

- Merging physical and logical access controls.


- Get up to code with Web application security standards and learn how to plug up your cybersecurity holes before a hacker attacks here, here, and here.

Driver's Licenses

- Mayors, governors, and civil libertarians gave Congress an earful about the REAL ID Act, saying that it is costly, impractical, and will put private data at risk. They are pushing for a revised law.

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