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Escape the Wolf: Risk Mitigation; Personal Security Handbook for the Traveling Professional

- While Escape the Wolf is lengthy, it is well structured and easy to follow.

The Assessment Center Handbook for Police and Fire Personnel

- Charles D. Hale developed this handbook to give police and fire administrators a tool that they could use to determine employee readiness.

Effective Security Management

- This well-structured book can be used as a security professional’s template for setting up and organizing effective security operations in virtually any setting.

Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations, and Open-Source Intelligence

- Edward J. Appel, CEO of iName­Check, has written a primer for today’s security professionals covering the ins and outs of Internet vetting, data mining, and intelligence gathering.

Managing Security Overseas: Protecting Employees and Assets in Volatile Regions

- The book is aimed at entry-level security personnel or those with little or no experience in the international arena of unstable or volatile countries.

Cross-Training for First Responders

- In his book, Gregory Bennett brings the reader through real life situations faced by first responders and, in doing so, highlights where the re­spond­ers’ training may be inadequate.

Preventing Crowd Violence

- While the book is written from a law enforcement perspective and for a police readership, the information certainly applies to private security professionals who must manage large crowd events in stadiums, malls, concerts, and protests that may be aimed at their companies or on the streets surrounding their facilities.

Police Chief: How to Attain and Succeed in this Critical Position

- Can a book about obtaining the position of police chief and then successfully performing as one be of professional interest to security professionals? In this instance, the answer is a qualified yes.

Vulnerability Management

- Overall, this book provides excellent guidance for the information security practitioner and the network security engineer, as well as those who need an understanding of the strategic significance of vulnerabilities and reasons for their control.

Enhancing Human Performance in Security Operations—International and Law Enforcement Perspectives

- Experts from military and law enforcement weigh in on security’s human side.

Challenges in Intelligence Analysis: Lessons Learned from 1300 BCE to the Present

- Challenges in Intelligence Analysis is a fascinating study of the history of intelligence analysis from biblical times to the present.

Advanced Interviewing Techniques, Second Edition

- Advanced Interviewing Techniques is a must-read for law enforcement officers, military personnel, and security professionals.

Mission: Intangible: Managing Risk and Reputation To Create Enterprise Value

- This is one of those “must read” books that forward-looking security professionals will quickly recognize as a “value add.”

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