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Underground Economies and Illegal Imports: Business and Legal Strategies to Address Illegitimate Commerce

- Underground Economies and Illegal Imports provides a window into the highly complex "gray" markets exploited by white-collar criminals.

The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Threats

- A new, improved, and expanded version of the International Foundation for Protection Officers' 1986 original.

Workplace Violence

- One of the foremost experts in the field puts together a comprehensive and functional manual to avoid an employee "going postal."

Police Chief 101: Practical Advice for the Law Enforcement Leader

- Ignore the title, this book is a true primer on leadership and executive career survival skills.

Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History

- This is the story of the largest and most audacious diamond thefts in history.

The Illusion of Due Diligence: Notes from the CISO Underground

- The Illusion of Due Diligence isn't a security textbook, it's CISO war stories from inside the corporate belly.

Hacking the Human: Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures

- Hacking the Human argues persuasively that human security is the missing link between IT security and physical security.

Introduction to Security: Operations and Management, Third Edition

- This introductory text covers material ranging from the history of private security to contemporary principles and practices--sometimes, too quickly.

Quick and Easy Business Continuity Plan for Your Small Business

- This software program is an inexpensive, simple means to ensure that any company has a basic plan in place to deal with emergency situations.

Urbanization, Policing, and Security: Global Perspectives

- Urbanization, Policing, and Security is an intensely academic and wide-ranging compilation of essays on crime and policing across the world.

Vein Pattern Recognition: A Privacy-Enhancing Biometric

- Vein Pattern Recognition gives readers a comprehensive overview of a non-intrusive, hard-to-forge biometric.

Defend the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5

- Scholar Christopher Andrews writes an engaging, warts-and-all history of MI5, Britain's domestic intelligence service.

RFID and Sensor Networks: Architectures, Protocols, Security, and Integrations

- Sixty-four well-known information technology experts from around the world make RFID and Sensor Networks a concise but comprehensive volume.

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