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Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism

- In the post-9-11 world it is all the more important that security managers know exactly what threats exist from weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. This text is a credible reference that fills that need.

Strategies for Coordinating Disaster Responses

- Security professionals involved in disaster planning or response should recognize the name Thomas Drabek. For decades, he has been among the preeminent scholars in disaster management. With Drabek's upcoming retirement from the University of Denver, this may be the professor's last major publication, and it updates his thinking on how emergency managers operate.

Privacy Handbook: Guidelines, Exposures, Policy Implementation and International Issues

- The authors present a clear explanation of privacy--what it is, to what it may apply, and why it is important. The listing of resources and laws on specific privacy issues is helpful as well, including advocacy groups and organizations that can explain such laws as the USA Patriot Act.

HackNotes Network Security Portable Reference

- The great strength of this work is the balance of its rigorous content and accessible presentation. Dividing the book into three parts allows readers to choose their level of detail. The first section provides easily understandable network principles and methodologies. A more detailed section, on hacking techniques and defenses, follows. At the most detailed level, readers can probe specialist areas such as wireless networks and Web application security.

Cybersecurity Operations Handbook.

- The first 19 chapters (and 700 pages) discuss technologies such as firewalls and VPNs. While these are well-written, there is nothing here that hasn't been published before; all of the information is easily accessible via the Internet for free.

Stolen Access: Keeping Information Secure.

- Need a brief but powerful tool for teaching employees the importance of information security? This high-quality, well-acted 17-minute video offers a glimpse into the world of information security.

Security Planning and Design: A Guide for Architects and Building Design Professionals.

- Well-outlined and comprehensive, the book harnesses the expertise of knowledgeable security veterans. Various authors share their wisdom and experience on environmental and threat considerations, design concepts, protection technologies, and security practices.

Computer Security Sourcebook and Communications Security Sourcebook

- Until just before publication, Computer Security Sourcebook and Communications Security Sourcebook constituted a single work, but they were broken into two books due to the sheer volume of material included. Both books are compilations of previously published material, much if not all of it available free online or in periodical archives at a university library.

Homeland Security, 2nd Edition

- A collection of 41 articles that provides a variety of opinions and points of view on an extremely broad and controversial topic, making the format an excellent fit for the subject matter.

Effective Physical Security, Third Edition

- Asset protection and management pose unique and ever-shifting challenges, but the foundation principles on which these fields are based remain the same. For those basic components of physical security controls, one need look no further than the third edition of this Lawrence Fennelly work. It's a compilation of informative essays written by security professionals expert in various topics.

Closed Circuit Television, Third Edition

- Want a good overview of CCTV systems, their history and their evolution? Then this book is for you.

PDR Guide to Biological and Chemical Warfare Response

- Largely viewed as a remote risk as recently as a few years ago, chemical and biological attacks have now taken center stage in terrorism prevention and response planning. As with all threats that first enter the public consciousness, there's a lot of misunderstanding about these kinds of attacks. This guide will help. Fifty-one toxic agents are discussed, including signs and symptoms as well as possible treatments.

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Understanding the New Security Environment, Readings, and Interpretations

- No matter what view you take on the West's current approach to countering terrorism, you will be challenged by this text.

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