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- The book is heavily weighted toward town center CCTV usage, and while chapter nine reveals the impact of monitored CCTV in a retail environment and highlights the need to train those monitoring the system, there is a noticeable absence of contributions from private sector security practitioners. With CCTV so ubiquitous, it would have been useful to record the experiences, views, and research of security professionals working with video.

Court Security: A Guide for Post 9-11 Environments.

-  It is apparent that author Tony L. Jones--whose bio is nowhere to be found in the book, but who a Web search indicates is an Ohio police officer--has spent many hours researching the specialized field of courthouse security. The resulting work is a comprehensive manual of information culled from many U.S. sources. Information presented comes from a range of respected and noted court security advisors.

Changing the Guard: Private Prisons and the Control of Crime

- Changing the Guard is an examination of prison privatization in the United States and several other nations. It is a story told through four essays by writers with academic backgrounds in law, sociology, economics, and criminology. Breaking the argument into four separate contributions adds strength through diversity of opinion, but it also creates redundancy--the writers often repeat each other's material.

Using the Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation

- How trustworthy is a computer system? The answer depends on what the system's owner wants in terms of security performance. Usually in a business, governmental, or academic setting, the owner wants the system to enforce certain access rules to restrict users from reading, writing to, or executing certain data elements. How well a system enforces various access controls determines its trustworthiness.

The New Forensics: Investigating Corporate Fraud and the Theft of Intellectual Property

- One fascinating chapter explores the disposition of a bank account dormant since the Holocaust and how forensic investigators cracked the case 60 years after the fact. It describes how a large group of investigators went to Switzerland to determine the beneficiaries of dormant World War II-era Swiss bank accounts. The chapter details methodology used to retrieve documents and to discover what was hidden and who was entitled to it.

What Not to Do When Seeking Employment

- The book also provides many suggestions on what job seekers should do. From mind-set (keep a level head and get your act together) to obstacles (don't believe age discrimination doesn't exist) to telephone interviewing (write out a telephone script that you feel comfortable with), Crawford's pragmatic counsel will help the reader through the ups and downs of the sometimes brutal job search.

Aviation and Airport Security: Terrorism and Safety Concerns

- Author Kathleen M. Sweet is well-credentialed with her military and aviation background. She has done her homework: Her presentation is well-outlined and clearly documented, focusing on how terrorism on commercial aviation affects the world economy. She also reviews terrorist threats, law enforcement efforts, and intelligence-community initiatives.

Critical Infrastructure: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

- This work offers a compendium of U.S. government guidelines and tools for working in critical infrastructure protection.

Shopping for Bombs: Nuclear Proliferation, Global Insecurity, and the Rise and Fall of the A. Q. Khan Network

- Meet A. Q. Khan, the world's most notorious nuclear proliferator.

Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Identification

- Authors Nigel Iyer and Martin Samociuk avoid philosophical arguments on business theories regarding corporate fraud and corruption to provide practical and workable solutions for prevention and detection programs.

Electronic Security Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Evaluating and Selecting System Solutions

- For security to succeed, it must incorporate not just guards, guns, and gates, but other elements, in particular technology. In addition, all the factors must work together, without focus on individual parts at the expense of the whole. Electronic Security Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Evaluating and Selecting System Solutions fills that need, detailing all of the various components of a successful security system.

Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime: Intelligence Gathering, Analysis and Investigations, Second Edition

- As hate and terror organizations become more complex, investigators must collect intelligence and properly analyze it to keep pace. This book offers excellent insight into the process that professionals could apply in all investigative areas.

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