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Terrorism Today: The Past, the Players, the Future, Third Edition

- The years since September 11 have seen a proliferation of experts, organizations, seminars, overpriced conferences, and books all relating to terrorism. But Clifford Simonsen and Jeremy Spindlove have updated one volume that truly stands out.

Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers

- As recent events have illustrated, emergency planning is an activity no organization can afford to ignore. Emergency planners in either sector would benefit from the second edition of Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers.

High-Technology Crime Investigator’s Handbook

- The High-Technology Crime Investigator’s Handbook is intended as a go-to source of techniques and information needed by investigators of high-tech crimes. The authors, however, focus on management issues at the expense of hands-on practical advice.

The Process of Investigation: Concepts and Strategies for Investigators in the Private Sector, Third Edition

- The third edition of The Process of Investigation: Concepts and Strategies for Investigators in the Private Sector is one of the most complete references on investigation I have read, in large part because the authors stay true to the topic.

Software Security: Building Security In

- McGraw goes into detail not only about writing secure code but also about key related areas, which he terms “the seven touchpoints of software security.”

Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, Third Edition

- Security and risk management are explained and tied together elegantly.

How to Become a Dangerous Expert Witness: Advanced Techniques and Strategies

- When it comes to serving as an expert witness though, the “dangerous” security professional is a huge asset, able to swing million-dollar judgments and carve out a lucrative niche.

Bodyguard Principles: Protection and Operational Planning

- Bodyguard Principles stresses how security and investigation are synergistic. Each chapter emphasizes the rationale behind, and the importance of, training.

Bioterrorism: A Guide for Facility Managers

- A superb primer on protecting buildings from biological and chemical terrorism.

America, Wake Up! Terror Prevention Steps We Must Take Now

- Topics include granting police powers to private security officers.

Why? By Charles Tilly

- From the ancient philosophers to today’s bloggers, men and women have asked, “Why?” This book asks that same momentous question, but not toward the end of philosophical or religious understanding.

Introduction to Private Investigation: Essential Knowledge and Procedures for the Private Investigator

- California private investigator Joseph A. Travers has written a primer on the basics of private investigation for those hoping to enter this often-lucrative profession.

Intelligence Support Systems: Technologies for Lawful Intercepts

- Intelligence Support Systems avoids most of the policy debate on wiretaps, otherwise known as legal intercepts, instead focusing on technological, administrative, managerial, legal, and logistical aspects.

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