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Texas UAV Enthusiast Uses Pilotless Aircraft to Uncover River Contamination

- A tip from an amateur unmanned-aerial-vehicle pilot led Texas authorities to open a major investigation into a Dallas meat packing plant, giving credence to assertions by the UAV community that commercial use can be both useful and inexpensive.

Morning Security Brief: Security Business Booming in Mexico, Anonymous Obsession, Law Enforcement, Social Media, and More

- In Mexico more then 10,000 security firms bring in $3 billion annually. A security contractor is fired for his obsession with the hacker collective Anonymous. Former ICE chief says law enforcement have failed to use social media effectively. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Swatting, TSA Admits Breaking SOP But Not Strip Searching, Virus Discovered After 10 Years, and More

- The FBI says pranks calls reporting hostage situations and shootings are stretching police resources. The Feds say procedures weren't followed, but octogenarians weren't strip searched. A computer virus that only activates at night was sending data from a college computer lab for 10 years undetected. And more.

NYPD Developing Body Scanners to Detect Weapons, But Application May Still Be Years Away

- The NYPD is developing a new technology that would allow police to see whether a person was carrying a weapon from a distance, but technology fitting the departments' desired specifications may still be years away.

Occupiers, Capitol Police Make Security a Priority During Occupy Congress

- Security and maintaining a peaceful protest were primary concerns for occupiers, who converged on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building on Tuesday morning.

Morning Security Brief: Domestic Drones, License Plate Data, Information Breach Disclosure, and More

- Civil rights groups worry about local police use of aerial drones. A private company collects license plate data to make available to law enforcement. Prosecutors call for more disclosure from companies about data breaches. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Police Training, Standardized Travel Advisories, Denied Records Requests, and More

- Advocacy groups are calling for revised standards for serving warrants in the wake of recent police shootings. Indiana implements a statewide travel advisory system. The Canadian government says releasing photos of Taliban hairstyles would harm national security. And more.

Charlotte Proposes Ordinances to Enhance Security During DNC

- The City of Charlotte is amending its city ordinances to address security while “protecting free speech” in preparation for the Democratic National Convention, but Occupy protesters and city residents have some concerns.

Morning Security Brief: Attorney Sued Over Records Request, Venezuelan Diplomat Expelled, Symantec Hacked, and More

- The City of Seattle sues a defense attorney for requesting dash cam video. A Venezuelan diplomat is being asked to leave the country for her involvement in plots against the United States. Symantec confirms it was hacked. And more.

FBI Redefines Rape for Reporting Purposes

- Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Friday that among revisions to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report,the Justice Department has redefined the definition of rape.

Police Worry Criminals Use Smartphones To Monitor Radio Traffic

- A fusion center in Maryland says investigators have found at least 20 smartphone apps for monitoring police scanners.

Morning Security Brief: Bureau of Counterterrorism Created, iPassport, Detroit Police Stop Night Administrative Work, and More

- The U.S. creates the Bureau of Counterterrorism. A man uses a picture of his passport to cross the border from the U.S. to Canada. Police Departments in Detroit will no longer be open to the public 24 hours a day. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Warrantless GPS Tracking, Soldier Arrested At Airport With C4, Police Get Radiation Detectors, and More

- A judge rules that a warrant isn't needed to track a suspect's movement using GPS devices. A soldier is stopped twice in one week carrying explosives at airports. Illinois equips police with radiation detectors. And more.

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