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Morning Security Brief: FBI Ends Park Shooter Manhunt, ShotSpotter Successes, Cartel Communications, and More

- An FBI manhunt for a man who shot a park ranger ends after the suspect is found frozen in a creek. California police hail ShotSpotter a success. Drug cartels have a radio network that covers the entire country of Mexico. A private security guard is convicted of providing security for a drug transaction. And more.


- A federal appeals court has ruled that police officers in two separate incidents engaged in unreasonable force when discharging their Tasers. However, because case law was not established at the time of the incidents, the officers are protected from liability.


- A major court ruling could change the way eyewitness testimony is viewed in court, and Chicago releases years of criminal data.

Tripping Up Terrorists

- Businesses participating in Operation Tripwire help alert the FBI to possible terrorist activity by reporting suspicious purchases by customers.

New Jersey Judge Rules Police Can Keep Surveillance Locations Secret In Drug Case

- A New Jersey appellate court ruled on Monday that law enforcement officers can keep their surveillance locations a secret.

Fires . . . Accidental or Arson? Fire Investigations

- This book is a valuable asset for detectives or criminal investigators, who are tasked with collaborating with fire officials.

FBI: Crime is Down in 2011

- The number of violent crimes is down for 2011, according to preliminary statistics from the FBI.

Feds Drop the Hammer on Sheriff Joe Arpaio

- The U.S. Department of Justice says Sheriff Joe Arpaio violated Constitutional and federal laws by tolerating and encouraging organized discrimination of Latinos.

Morning Security Brief: Troops on the Southwest Border, Verizon Emergency Alert Mixup, DHS en Español, and More

- Officials mull pulling troops from Southwest border. Verizon sends out false emergency alert to New Jersey customers. DHS releases Spanish language ads. And more.

Pedobear Goes From Internet Meme to Safety Concern

- For law enforcement in the southwest, Pedobear is the meme that just won’t go away.

The Assessment Center Handbook for Police and Fire Personnel

- Charles D. Hale developed this handbook to give police and fire administrators a tool that they could use to determine employee readiness.

Morning Security Brief: Shooting at the White House, Alarm Fatigue, and the 2012 Olympics

- Police are searching for a man linked to a shooting at the White House on Friday. Alarm fatigue named a major hazard at hospitals. The U.S. plans to send 1,000 agents to the UK for the 2021 Olympics. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Anonymous Takes on the Cartels, Use of Force, Another Militia Plot Foiled, and More

- Anonymous crossing into dangerous territory as it squares off against Los Zetas. Another militia member arrested with ricin plans. Security guards in a San Jose neighborhood are accused of abusing their power. And more.

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