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Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques, Third Edition

- This updated edition of Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques demonstrates that conducting effective interviews is an art form as well as a science.  

Canada’s Drop in Crime Attributed to Holistic Crime Prevention Strategies

- Crime in Canada is at its lowest in 40 years. Officials in Canada's highest crime areas use a multifaceted strategy to keep crime down.

A Force to Reckon With

- It's a common scenario: A security officer makes an arrest and the suspect resists. The suspect is injured and files a lawsuit claiming that the officer used excessive force. Tommy J. Burns examines use of force in our July cover story.

Protecting the Bravest

- New technologies under development can be used to help locate firefighters in burning buildings and determine whether they are in distress.

A Force to Reckon With

- It is a common scenario: A security officer makes an arrest and the suspect resists. The suspect is injured and files a lawsuit claiming that the officer used excessive force. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Forensic Expert Says Gunshot Residue Imperfect But Valuable

- Gunshot residue is a critical investigative tool, but it needs to be interpreted correctly by forensic investigators.

State Legislation: Vermont: Tasers

- A bill (H. 3) introduced in the Vermont General Assembly would require that law enforcement officers complete certain types of training before they would be allowed to carry Tasers. Under the bill, officers would be required to undergo training on how to interact with people experiencing a mental health crisis. The training would be designed and administered by state’s criminal justice training council.

Crime Scene Photography, Second Edition

- Crime Scene Photography addresses a technically sensitive practice with great accuracy.

Lack of Text Message Storage May Hinder Law Enforcement

- Text messages can sometimes be helpful in criminal investigations, but the messages are stored so briefly by telephone companies that it can often be challenging for law enforcement to obtain them.

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Corporate Crime

- A bill (H.R. 323) introduced by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) would require that the government keep statistics on all administrative, civil, and criminal judicial proceedings against companies and company officials that involve fines of $1,000 or more. The government would make information on improper conduct by companies with revenues of more than $1 billion available to the public via a Web site.

False Arrest

- A federal appeals court has found that a police officer who relied on a faulty arrest warrant when detaining a suspect is not liable for that error. The court ruled that the officer’s actions were reasonable because he relied on the New York state database of former and current convicts, a reliable source, to identify a suspect.

Police Assessment Testing, Fourth Edition

- Major John L. Coleman helps police officers prepare for assessment center evaluations.

Feds Using Wiretaps and Undercover Agents to Investigate Companies Bribing Foreign Officials

- The federal government is using investigative techniques reserved for gangs and organized crime to catch U.S. companies from bribing foreign officials.

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