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A Command Performance

- The Dallas Police Department designs a mobile command unit to meet the city's specific needs.

This Base is Covered

- How the 11th Security Forces Group provides protection for Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility just outside of Washington, D.C. Among their missions are base access control, working with military detection attack dogs, and protection of visiting dignitaries.

Morning Security Brief: U.K. Terrorist Raid, Suspicious-Activity Database in U.S., and Cell Phone Data Ruling

- U.K. arrests suspected terrorists in largest raid for months. The Washington Post continues its investigation into what it calls Top Secret America. And a court says cell-phone data retrieval requires a warrant.

Game Camera Catches Naked Ghosthunter in Mississippi Cemetery

- A Mississippi cemetery set up a game camera to catch vandals. Instead, staff caught a local man naked and indulging in a bizarre hobby.

Morning Security Brief: Fighting the Taliban, Spotting Counterfeit Drugs, Private Security in Afghanistan, and More

- The pros and cons of fighting the Taliban with local militia are examined by the Washington Post. A new effort to help consumers in Africa spot counterfeit drugs is being launched. And the Afghan government acknowledges it may need private security a little longer.

Perfect Enemy: The Law Enforcement Manual of Islamist Terrorism

- Dean Olson's Perfect Enemy provides an in-depth view of how religious fundamentalism evolves into terrorism.

Morning Security Brief: Japan's Mafia, "Friendly Fraud," and Reducing Crime

- Japan continues its efforts to fight entrenched mafia ties to various industries. Online businesses step up efforts to curtail "friendly fraud." And criminologists' ideas on how to reduce crime.

Morning Security Brief: Data Protection, Information Sharing, Terrorism Financing, and More.

- The European Commission is revising its data protection rules, which could change how law enforcement can use personal data, among other things. White House sets in motion effort to make uniform the classification of controlled unclassified information among agencies to streamline information sharing, which could help with homeland security intelligence analysis. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Workplace Discrimination, Military Suicides, Privacy, and More

- School board group urges Supreme Court not to hold employers liable for good faith firing where discrimination turns out to have existed. The National Guard grapples with suicides and seeks to increase mental resiliency of troops. Google sets up independent fund to promote privacy education as a part of a lawsuit settlement. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Gang Membership, Bomb Plot Investigation, Secure Flight Goes Live, and More

- While gang membership is up sharply in recent years, violent crime is not. Secure Flight goes into effect today. Clues to the origins of last week's attempt to send bombs via planes are followed. And more.


- Police may not use a global positioning satellite (GPS) unit to track a person’s movements for a long period of time without a warrant, because doing so violates a person’s Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Crime Prevention: Theory and Practice

- Crime Prevention is an outdated examination of a discipline, which does not give proper due to private security professionals.

Mentoring in the Criminal Justice Professions: Conveyance of the Craft

- Author Frank A. Colaprete argues law enforcement institutions must take the art of mentoring seriously.

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