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Homeowner Arrest A Sorry Sight

- Having a position of power doesn't mean never having to say you're sorry.

Security Concerns Arise With Medical Marijuana Centers in Rhode Island

- A state police officer voiced some security concerns at a Rhode Island Department of Health meeting yesterday, relating to the state's recent decision to allow the sale of medical marijuana to chronically ill people, reports the Associated Press.

Government Strategy to Fight Terrorism Financing Dealt Setback

- A U.S. government strategy to fight terrorism by shutting down funding sources has been dealt a setback in a recent federal court ruling on the case KindHearts v. Geithner.

A Window into Counterterrorism Efforts at the FBI

- Eric Schmitt of The New York Times writes about a counterterrorism unit in an FBI field office in Los Angeles, with which he spent two days, using it as a way to examine the changing role of the FBI post 9-11.

Does "Excited Delirium" Account for Some Taser Deaths?

- A controversial new study contends that some people who died after being tased or subdued by police did not die from the shock or the restraints but from a rare disorder, reports's Danger Room.

Animal Rights Extremists Step Up Attacks on Drug Maker in Europe

- European animal rights extremists have targeted the CEO of a Swiss pharmaceutical giant in a string of attacks to intimidate the company into cutting ties with a research laboratory that provides product testing on animals.

LAPD Chief Bratton Resigns for Plum Position in Private Sector

- Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton resigned yesterday to lead a subsidiary of a security company that will provide training, consulting, and information services to police forces around the world.

Human Trafficking Tough to Quantify and Prosecute

- No one really knows how bad the modern slave trade is because reliable numbers are almost impossible to come by.

Violent Crime Down in Most Big Cities

- Despite an economic recession and the summer, violent crime rates are down in most metropolitan areas, reports The Washington Post front page today.

U.K.: Police Force Suspends Stop and Search Counterterrorism Powers

- A police force is southern England has suspended a controversial police power that allows police to stop and search street-goers that was originally meant to prevent terrorism.

Smart Guns to Prevent Friendly Fire Unworkable, Lab Says

- After the recent friendly fire accident that killed an off-duty New York police officer, the New York Police Department investigated technology that could prevent these tragedies in the future. There's one major complication: the lab researching the technology says it's currently nonviable.

State Legislation: North Dakota: Contraband

- A new bill (S.B. 2114) introduced in North Dakota would make it illegal for an inmate in a correctional facility to manufacture, possess, or use any type of wireless communication device. The measure would also make it illegal for anyone to deliver or attempt to deliver such a device to an inmate.  

Concealed Weapons

- Two recent appellate decisions address the right of employers to prevent workers from bringing firearms onto company property. In one, a court upheld an Oklahoma law giving employees the right to have firearms in their cars at work. In the other, a court determined that Ohio state law does not protect an employee who was fired for violating the policy against keeping a gun in his car in a company parking lot.

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