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Fusion Centers Under Fire in Texas and New Mexico

- Civil libertatians are pushing for legal limits on personal data law enforcement organizations can collect after a Texas fusion center's bulletin singled out two Muslim-American civic groups for direct scrutiny.

NAS: Nation's Forensic Sciences Need Overhaul

- The state of forensic science in the United States, which helps to convict or acquit alleged criminals in court, needs to be overhauled, according to a report released by the National Academy of Sciences' National Research Council.

New York City Criminal Justice System a Model for the U.K., Commission Says

- New York City receives special acclaim from a British commission examining options for prison reform in the 21st century.

National Gang Threat Assessment for 2009 Released

- The FBI's recently released National Gang Threat Assessment 2009 finds gang membership and activity on the rise inside the United States.

Prisons Struggle to Keep Out Contraband Cell Phones

- Contraband cell phones are an epidemic in prisons nationwide, but federal law won't allow state prisons to jam such transmissions because of  fears it may block emergency communications.

Former Israeli Minister Says Government Must Take Fight to Organized Crime

- There's another war on terrorism going on inside Israel, argues one of the country's former deputy defense ministers, but this battle is between law enforcement and organized crime.

DHS Ready for Spillover of Violence from Mexico

- The Department of Homeland Security has developed a border surge plan if the drug-fueled violence that plagues Mexico spills over into American border states, reports The New York Times.

NYPD Prepared for Mumbai-Style Attack, Says Police Commissioner

- The New York Police Department has the plans, training, and policies in place to respond to a Mumbai-type terrorist assault on the city, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly told a Senate hearing today.

LAPD Officer Under Investigation for Smuggling Guns and Ammo

- A veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department is under federal investigation for smuggling ten handguns and ammunition to the security firm he runs in the Central American nation of Belize.

Active Shooter

- How to handle an active shooter situation is the subject of two new guidelines: One targets retail establishments; the other, released by the Department of Homeland Security, targets a more general audience of managers and employees.

Animal Rights Extremists' Attacks Get More Personal and Dangerous

- Animal rights extremists are adopting more personal and dangerous terrorism tactics, two biomedical researchers argue on the opinion page of today's issue of The Washington Post.

U.S. Judge Hits Facebook Spammer with Massive Damages

- A spammer was ordered to pay Facebook $873 million in damages by a federal judge last Friday, but the popular social networking Web site’s security director says he doesn’t expect payment in full.

Illegal Drugs

- A new Motorola survey says consumers rank drug trafficking and drug possession as their number one public-safety concern.

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