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With New Nonlethal Weapons Comes Controversy

- New nonlethal weapons near release and in development spark debate: "Just how safe are they?"

How Safe are Stun Guns?

- The National Institute of Justice is conducting studies to ascertain whether stun guns are safe for police and other security personnel to use.

Employee Monitoring

- A police department violated the privacy rights of its officers, a federal appeals court ruled, when it obtained transcripts of text messages sent and received by those officers. Department officials had previously told officers that the text messages were confidential.

Annapolis Police Teach Residents "Trash Intelligence"

- A novel program teaches residents how their garbage can result in their identity being stolen.

Violent Crime

- Three academics, a police chief, and a reverend addressed the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday on developing new strategies for tackling violent crime across the country.

Cooperation Rules

- By meshing public and private resources, Atlanta businesses and law enforcement address day-to-day crime and emergency response in the downtown area.

Patrols Gone Private

- A new program in California will put private security on the street to augment an overworked police force.

Pooling Resources

- How one city reduced persistent vandalism at its outdoor pools with an integrated surveillance system.

CCTV: Panacea or Problem

- CCTV is potentially the most valuable security resource as well as the most misused and wasteful. An expert explains the paradox of CCTV. (Online exclusive)

The Importance of Being Modest Regarding Public CCTV Systems

- Advocates of public CCTV systems should steer away from misleading arguments that such technology reduces crime and rather tout its ability to solve crime.

Should the Freedom of Information Act Apply to Private Prisons?

- Lawmakers hear testimony for and against having private prisons covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

Gangs: Experts Advocate Prevention over Prosecution and Prison

- Experts tell Congress that gang prevention strategies work better and are more cost effective than prosecution and prison.

FBI: Violent and Property Crime Down in 2007

- Violent and property crime have decreased in 2007, reports the FBI, but government officials say one year does not establish a trend.

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