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Strategies to Combat Youth Violence

- Groups that work to reduce problems that can lead to violence among young people are trying to coordinate their efforts to enhance results.

Just the Facts: Investigative Report Writing, 3rd Edition

- If you are interested in a review of the law enforcement report writing process and how it relates to your policies and procedures as a security professional, this book is for you.

State Legislation: Arizona: Data Security

- An new Arizona law (formerly S.B. 1042) amends existing data security statutes to include breaches of data maintained by law enforcement agencies. Prior to S.B. 1042, which requires that businesses in the state conduct an investigation after a breach of data security and notify those customers affected by the incident, law enforcement agencies were not exempt. Under the new law, the state department of public safety, county sheriff’s offices, and municipal police departments must develop an information security policy that includes notification procedures in case of a data breach.

La Cosa Nostra

- Despite police efforts to stamp out La Cosa Nostra in Italy, it seems to survive—and thrive, accounting for 7 percent of Italy’s GDP, says the Italian business association Confesercenti. (The report is in Itailian.) Read the Italian banking association’s report on surging bank robberies, also in Italian, here.

MLB Moves to Secure Team Clubhouses

- Major League Baseball has drawn up a new security plan to block performance-enhancing drugs from entering team clubhouses.

New York City Murders Fall Once Again

- New York City's murder rate could be its lowest in 40 years.

Fighting Terrorism in the U.K.

- The U.K. is engaging in a difficult balancing act—trying to win the hearts and minds of its Muslim citizens while simultaneously having police aggressively patrol for suspicious activity.


- 75The number of fugitive-operation teams now in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office, up from 15 in 2005. The increase has helped ICE catch 35,000 fugitive aliens.

Aviation security

- A Senate bill (S. 2060) introduced by Sen. Harry M. Reid (D-NV) would allow local law enforcement officers to carry weapons onto commercial aircraft. The officers would have to be full-time municipal, county, or state law enforcement officers. The officers would not have to be on duty to carry a weapon.

Community policing

- Conventional wisdom holds that terrorism preparedness is best when information is obtained at the local level and shared at the regional level and beyond. Three analysts from the U.S. Department of Justice contend that this model meshes well with community policing, in which law enforcement prevents crime by partnering with members of the community and sharing information with various local role players as well as with regional and state police. Thus, they say, community policing has the potential to incorporate a formidable antiterrorism component. "Connecting the Dots for a Proactive Approach," by Matthew C. Scheider, Robert E. Chapman, and Michael F. Seelman, is at SM Online.

Taking Back the Nightclub

- Every urban area has one: a nightclub noted for loud music, outbursts of violence, and plenty of drugs. In Burlington, Ontario, near Toronto, that club is called NRG/The Kingdom, and its crowd wreaked havoc in the neighborhood. Several years ago regional police collaborated with the club's owners on a multifaceted problem-solving approach. Access to railroad tracks behind the club was blocked. Extra lighting and gates were installed to prevent cars and pedestrians from parking near or skulking around neighboring businesses. Bushes were removed from a nearby vacant lot. Find out how the club and community did it .

Crime Fighters Cast Wide Net

- The Cybercop Web portal allows authorized crimefighters around the world to access a database of sensitive information.

Digging Through Digital Data

- The history and basics of computer forensics are laid out in "Computer Forensics: Characteristics and Preservation of Digital Evidence," an article by FBI computer forensic examiner Loren D. Mercer in a recent issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.

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