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Keystone to Antiterror Fight


Georgia (and Cargo Theft) on Their Minds


Nonlethal Weapon Aims for Acceptance

- This product, like stun guns and pepper spray and other options on the market, is meant to give security and law enforcement officers a choice that is not a lethal weapon.

Protecting the Pudding

- Atherton, California, which has fewer than 10,000 residents, doesn't worry a lot about crime. From 2002-2003, there were fewer than 50 reports of vandalism--the highest category of crime in the city. Although the crime rate is low by most standards, police officers in Atherton face many of the same logistical challenges that confront departments twice their size. Securing the evidence room is one such challenge.

Georgia (and Cargo Theft) on Their Minds

- Learn how the Southeastern Transportation Security Council bridges the gap between private industry and law enforcement in the fight against cargo theft

Studying and Stopping the Insider Threat

- While the danger of the "insider threat" has been well cataloged, the details of inside attacks have not been considered in much depth. For example, who are these insiders? And what sorts of attacks do they launch? A new joint study by the U.S. Secret Service and the CERT Coordination Center helps shed some light on these questions. Read the full Insider Threat Study at SM Online.


- Under a new proposed rule issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Internet phone calls--voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP--would be subject to federal laws governing wiretaps. This means that VoIP providers would have to equip their devices to allow law enforcement to intercept calls in cases where a court order is issued for surveillance.

Crisis negotiation

- In early September, four men in suburban Carácas disguised themselves as police officers and kidnapped the mother of Ugueth Urbina, a baseball pitcher from Venezuela who plays for the Detroit Tigers. The outcome of the incident was unknown at press time. That's just one example of how, in the globalizing marketplace, corporate executives and other high-profile personnel and their families are at constant risk of abduction.

Law enforcement responsibilities

- Two new reports look into changing responsibilities of federal law enforcement. One explores the transfer of the Federal Protective Service (FPS) to the Department of Homeland Security, noting that although FPS's mission has expanded, it does not have a transformation strategy to address this expanding mission. A second report analyzes the FBI's transformation to increase its focus on homeland security. Have the FBI's efforts to combat drug, white-collar, and violent crime suffered as a result? The results are mixed, say GAO auditors.

Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Identification

- Authors Nigel Iyer and Martin Samociuk avoid philosophical arguments on business theories regarding corporate fraud and corruption to provide practical and workable solutions for prevention and detection programs.

Shining Light on Nonlethal Weapons

- A new device that uses light to incapacitate suspects is the latest tool in law enforcement's nonlethal arsenal.

Miami Police to Test Drones

- The Miami-Dade Police Department will begin testing unmanned drones as law enforcement tools.

Private Security and Public Safety: A Community-Based Approach

- This book examines the concept of private security companies providing community-oriented crime prevention on a contract basis. Borrowing heavily from the experience of security practitioners, it is rich in detail, well thought-out, and comprehensive--a close look at a bold new way to protect neighborhoods with a high risk of crime.

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