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Crime Opportunity Profiling of Streets (COPS): A Quick Crime Analysis—Rapid Implementation Approach

- COPS looked at commercial centers that suffered from street crime and problems associated with the drug trade.

Bombs and Bombings: A Handbook to Protection, Security, Detection, Disposal and Investigation for Industry, Police and Fire Depa

- Bomb technicians and others who seek specialized information about the intricate, multifarious, and perilous work that these professionals perform will find much of value.


- A Temple University professor sifts through the data and looks at the pros and cons of using CCTV.

Jamming Terrorists with Technology

- Detonating an improvised explosive device using a remote trigger like a cell phone or remote-controlled car is a fairly simple task. Preventing the bomb from exploding using localized jamming technology is an equally simple task, but currently first responders at the state and local levels are not given access to these types of technologies, says Howard Melamed, president and CEO of Cellantenna Corp, which distributes similar devices.

Too Important for Security

- An incident at the U.S. Capitol underscores that no one should be above security.

Illegal Drugs Continue to Pour in from Mexico

- A GAO report says more cooperation with Mexico needed.

United Kingdom's DNA Practices Criticized

- Police's ability to collect and retain biological information conflicts with democratic rights.

Port Security Fix Proposed

- Approximately 95 percent of U.S. trade enters or leaves through the nation’s 361 seaports. Despite renewed attention on ports, security efforts continue to fall short of stated government goals.

Identity theft

- A bill (H.R. 4244) introduced by Rep. Darlene Hooley (D-OR) would establish grants for regional task forces designed to investigate and prosecute identity theft and other economic crimes. The task forces would comprise federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Blackboard Jungle

- Schools and police departments are partnering to produce floor plans on CDs for use by first responders during a crisis.(Digital Imaging for Safe Schools: A Public Safety Response to Critical Incidents and a shorter version of the same document, Quick Reference Guide for Digital Imaging)

The New Face of Meth in America

- Despite successes in stopping domestic production, foreign smuggling of the drug has filled the void, officials say.


- A police officer was acting within the course of his employment when he told a fellow officer that his new girlfriend might be infected with AIDS.

Security Officers

- The FBI has issued an interim final rule setting out how employers can request criminal background checks on private security officers.

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