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Padilla Convicted on Terrorism Conspiracy Charges

-  Via The New York Times:  In a major victory for the Bush administration, a federal jury here found Jose Padilla guilty on terrorism conspiracy charges Thursday after little more than a day of deliberations.  

Exploits of the Nigerian Con Man

- Named for the section of the 1958 Nigerian Criminal Code that makes it illegal, the modus operandi should be familiar to all readers: a powerful person’s relative has access to huge money and needs your help laundering it.

In Aftermath of Deadly Shootings, Newark Invests in Surveillance

- According to Mark Dilonno of Newark's The Star-Ledger, Mayor Corey Booker will announce today that this New Jersey city will invest in an advanced surveillance system to monitor its most troubled neighborhoods after last week's execution style shootings of four young adults, three of which died.

Youth Street Gangs Threaten London

- It's not just the United States and Latin America where youth gang-related violence and drug dealing has become an epidemic, but London as well.

Courthouse Security

- The bill (S. 378) would increase courthouse security has been approved by the Senate. The House of Representatives has not announced whether it will take action on the bill, which would also require that the U.S. Marshals Service offer ongoing security advice to the judiciary.

Violent Crime

- Violent crime has soared over the past two years finds a report from the Police Executive Research Forum. Alarmingly, murder has risen 10.2 percent since 2004.

Fingerprint Technology

- A government study on effects of scanner height on fingerprint capture found that it depended on whether the print was being taken from the right or left hand.

Surveillance Detection: The Art of Prevention

- Offers specific, practical lessons that can be taught to security officers, as well as employees in high-risk countries, to give them the tools to identify and report suspicious behavior upon which the security department can act.


- 30 The number of terrorist plots actively under investigation by the British Security Service (BSS). These plots, according to the BSS, involve 1,600 individuals and at least 200 terrorist networks.

The Language of Deception

- Regardless of their nationality, criminals share one trait: They think they can fool interrogators with clever stories.

Courthouse security

- A bill (H.B. 5678) pending in the Connecticut General Assembly would set aside $10 million to evaluate security in courthouses and courthouse parking lots. The remaining funds would be used to install necessary security systems.

9-11-related healthcare

- A bill (S. 201) introduced by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) would establish grants of $1.9 million to provide medical and mental health monitoring, tracking, and treatment to individuals whose health has been directly impacted as a result of the 9-11 attacks.

Eastern Inscrutability

- Despite U.S. fears to the contrary, transnational crimes in Asia do not pose a threat to American interests.

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