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Britain's CCTV Surveilled

- A study finds that in the U.K.'s ubiquitous CCTV network, quality trumps quantity.

Identity theft

- In numerous states, lawmakers have addressed identity theft. In most cases, they are amending earlier laws, refining the state’s role in curbing identity theft, or enhancing criminal penalties for those convicted of committing such crimes.

State Legislature Wrap-Up: Background Checks

- Continuing with a trend that began several years ago, many states are requiring that criminal background checks be conducted on individuals in certain jobs, such as in childcare or healthcare settings.

In Search of: Unbiased Investigation

- In an article in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, D. Kim Rossmo, a former detective and a criminal justice professor of criminal justice at Texas State University in San Marcos, discusses various cognitive biases that lead investigators astray and offers strategies to combat them.


- Corruption remains a significant problem facing international businesses and may even be worsening, according to this survey by Control Risks, which found that honest businesses may be losing out to dishonest competitors.

Check Fraud

- A registry of check security features, which is designed to combat check fraud, is now available to institutions. The registry provides a single place for security-feature providers to register their features.

Prisons: Fostering Extremism?

- History has shown the potential of prisons to serve as incubators for extremist leaders, from Adolf Hitler—who wrote Mein Kampf while in prison—to Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. Could that be occurring in U.S. prisons?

Is This the Beginning of Stability in the Congo?

- The prospect of peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

EU Falters on Terrorism

- The EU is disjointed in its antiterror efforts.

Murder Capital Crackdown

- Jamaica touts violent-crime reduction.

Eastern Inscrutability: Security in the Saddle

- Securing Le Tour de Langkawi, Malaysia's answer to that other bike race.

Urban Terror

- The National Academies and the Russian Academy of Sciences share their experience and advice on fighting urban terrorism.

Criminal History

- A new report details how states are using federal money to improve criminal history records. For example, Georgia, Hawaii, and Maine are using the grants to improve the transmission of case information to their central criminal-record repositories.

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