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Prisons: Fostering Extremism?

- History has shown the potential of prisons to serve as incubators for extremist leaders, from Adolf Hitler—who wrote Mein Kampf while in prison—to Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. Could that be occurring in U.S. prisons?

Is This the Beginning of Stability in the Congo?

- The prospect of peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

EU Falters on Terrorism

- The EU is disjointed in its antiterror efforts.

Murder Capital Crackdown

- Jamaica touts violent-crime reduction.

Eastern Inscrutability: Security in the Saddle

- Securing Le Tour de Langkawi, Malaysia's answer to that other bike race.

Urban Terror

- The National Academies and the Russian Academy of Sciences share their experience and advice on fighting urban terrorism.

Criminal History

- A new report details how states are using federal money to improve criminal history records. For example, Georgia, Hawaii, and Maine are using the grants to improve the transmission of case information to their central criminal-record repositories.

Interview and Interrogation Techniques

- In just over an hour, any loss prevention professional will learn new interview techniques and understand the process in a systematic fashion.

Corruption Around the World

- Corruption continues to suffuse the globe.

Chinese Jigsaw Puzzle

- The risks of doing business in China amid meteoric growth.

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