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Online Fraud

- The 7th Annual Online Fraud Report finds that online retailers are hit with fraud from international orders at a rate that is twice the overall average.

Retail Theft

- Retail workers who steal from their employers are far more likely to seize opportunity and take cash from the register than to plan a heist, according to a recent study of retail theft in the United Kingdom. The study found the most serious deterrent to workplace theft is a CCTV system.

Off-the-Shelf Shrink Solution

- Find out how a lifecycle approach to product handling can reduce losses at your company.

Quick Bytes: Data breaches

- More than half the retailers that collect information from consumers for promotions and marketing campaigns have assigned responsibility for protecting consumer-specific data to a security-program coordinator; an even greater number have provided training to employees regarding consumer privacy and information security.

European Retail Theft Falls

- A drop in European retail theft.

You Tube

- IBM has created a short video of the company's new RFID tag known as the Clipped Tag a label that consumers can easily tear off once they leave a store after a purchase. This and other security videos are on You Tube.

A Site to See

- This month's site to see takes you to Google's new purchase, YouTube.

Data Security Toolkit

- Credit card data are often improperly stored in a merchant’s database, leading to data breaches. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has joined with Visa in developing a Security Toolkit designed to help programmers understand and counter the most common vulnerabilities to data breaches.

Using Culture to Cure Theft

- It's the company's culture that sometimes breeds dishonesty, says this loss prevention expert; she has developed a management training program to solve the problem.

Retailers Organize Against Crime

- Retailers lose tens of billions to organized crime. Find out how they are fighting back with technology and other measures.

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