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Shedding Light on University Security

- Universities must understand the impact of lighting on campus and work to create lighting policies that meet both student and industry expectations.

Bomb threats in school

- If a student says to a gym teacher, “All jocks should be blown up,” should it be taken as a threat? Probably not if the student was laughing or obviously joking, but if the student has a history of making such pronouncements, the school might want to treat it as a legitimate threat. In general, the more specific the threat, the more seriously it should be taken, according to one of the latest entries into the Department of Justice’s Problem-Oriented Guides for Police, called “Bomb Threats in Schools.” The guide discusses the problem of bomb threats in schools, factors contributing to such threats, the right questions for administrators to ask themselves about the problem, and possible initiatives to prevent or respond to threats. Sixteen viable initiatives are presented, 9 involving prevention, 7 involving immediate response. For example, schools can develop a bomb-threat response plan. The guide points to an online tool developed by the Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology for training and refresher courses on response planning. Immediate responses to a bomb threat may include recording the threat, analyzing it, evacuating the school, searching for a bomb, talking to the media, following up after the incident, and placing police officers in schools. The guide is on SM Online.

Quick Bytes: A new NOC.

- The Cyber Incident Detection Data Analysis Center (CIDDAC), a service to share real-time cyberthreat information, recently launched its National Operations Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

A new NOC

- The Cyber Incident Detection Data Analysis Center (CIDDAC), a service to share real-time cyberthreat information, recently launched its National Operations Center at the University of Pennsylvania. CIDDAC will collect information about cyberthreats through intrusion-monitoring devices attached to corporate networks of companies that pay the $10,000 annual membership fee. The member companies will get alerts, reports, and “red phone” access to the operations center.@ There’s more about CIDDAC at SM Online.

School security

- A bill (S.B. 152) that would require school districts in Texas to implement bullying-prevention programs has been approved by the state’s Senate and has been taken up by the House of Representatives.

Intelligent Design

- Link Elements Of Campus Security Design Guidelines.


- A Washington appeals court has ruled that a bus surveillance tape recorded by a public school cannot be released to the parents of one of the bus riders. In the case, the parents argued that the school was required to turn over the tape—showing their child being hit by another student—under the state’s public disclosure law. The law requires that the state turn over public records unless the release is specifically exempt from the law. The school argued that records relating to disciplinary issues are exempt from the law. The court agreed. (Lindeman v. Kelso School District No. 458, Washington Court of Appeals, No. 31825-3-II, 2005)

A New Course for Card Access

- At SUNY’s University at Albany, access control devices—and security—are being enhanced in an ongoing project.

Campus Safety

- A report on fires in student housing finds that most occurred off-campus.

Schools Get FERPA Guidance

- The Department of Education has developed guidelines and brochures for school officials and parents to better understand students' privacy rights.

Campus Crime

- A new handlbook helps explain reporting requirements.

Forgers Born, Not Made?

- School children are told that “practice makes perfect,” in skills such as penmanship. When it comes to amateur forgeries, however, that bit of childhood wisdom might not hold true.

Today’s Lesson: Tip Lines

- The key to school security is proactive intelligence gathering. A tip line can help.

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