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One in a Million

- Schools learn a lesson about security.

Keeping Students Safe

- Broward County in Florida tells how an electronic visitor management system helps its schools keep out sex offenders and others who might endanger students.

Smart Solutions to Security Problems

- A historic New York university installs modern access control in new dorms.

School safety

- A bill (A.B. 2809) pending before the California Assembly would require the state superintendent of schools to provide funds to school districts to promote school safety and reduce school violence. The bill would also require that the state department of education develop policies to prevent bullying and promote conflict resolution. The department would then make these policies available to individual schools.

ASIS News- Mira Mesa Wins ASIS School Security Funding Competition

- Mira Mesa High School of San Diego, California, wins the ASIS School Funding Competition

Security Not Spartan at MSU

- Security is anything but Spartan at Michigan State University. Find out how its police department originally set out to protect its campus from fire and ended up installing a large access control system.

Extinguishing Fire Safety Problems

- A New Hampshire school updates its maintenance andinspection of fire extinguishers.

School security

- A bill (H.B. 1218) before the Missouri House of Representatives would prohibit bullying in schools. The bill would also require that school districts adopt policies against harrassment, intimidation, and bullying.

Campus safety

- A bill (H.R. 4460) introduced by Rep. Vito Fossella (R-NY) would establish a grant program for campuses to install professional fire alarm detection systems or other fire detection and prevention technologies.

Campus Rape

- Schools are not doing enough to protect students from sex crimes or to ensure that they are accurately reported when they occur.

The Growing Trend Toward Convergence

- The survey was conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) for ASIS International, the Information Systems Security Association, and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.

Virgina Tech Panel Recommendations

- On August 29, 2007, the Virginia Tech Review Panel released a large report investigating the massacre at the university that claimed 33 lives, including the shooter. Throughout, the panel made recommendations on how Virginia Tech and other universities could rectify security gaps to minimize the likelihood something like this could happen again. To make it easier for security practitioners to read the recommendations, Security Management  compiled them in one convenient place. To view the recommendations, click here.

Campuses Should Heed Va. Tech Panel Recommendations

- University and college campuses would be wise to review and implement when possible panel's myriad recommendations.

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